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We are more than a SMS aggregator… we are developers at core

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We are more than a SMS aggregator… we are developers at core

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One of my old customer called me asked what we are doing other than selling SMS, as it is a very competitive industry and could die very soon and I replied actually we are not selling SMS, we provide a platform to the developers.

This makes one thing clear in my mind that my customers even those who are having a relationship with ZNI with over 7 years still thinks we are just a SMS vendor and they never realized (or should I say we failed to communicate them that) we are more than a SMS aggregator.


Our developer platform is very scalable and provide our developers cloud resources which they can scale up and down as per their requirement. But what are the services, which we are providing and others don’t?

To start with the most obvious we have,

1. SMS API Which allows developers to send SMS on any mobile number in India 24×7 via a simple URL push or XML based advance API.

2. DND API Since the day TRAI implements the NCCPR 2010, we allowed our associates and developers to check the NCCPR data in real time via API so that they can inform their clients beforehand about non-delivery of SMS maintaining a good reputation.

3. IVRS API Yes, very few have idea that they can use our Toll Free service with an IVRS API to control the flow of a call like informing the caller about their due balance after checking the status from a database.

4. Missed Call API Want to capture number of calls received on a telephone line while you were not there? You can use our REST based MC APIs. We use that on every holiday to let us our callers know about the holiday without spending a dime.

5. SMS Short Code API Developers looking to receive customer responses via SMS can use our SMS Short Code API for the same and can receive the responses on their applications in real time.

6, Long Code API & Software Long code is nothing but a mobile number and many vendors charging upto Rs 10,000 per month for the service but we at ZNI has launched an Android application which will turn your normal android phone into a long code gateway and its absolutely free.

If, you are starting up a mobile or SMS based service and looking for specific APIs do let me know on tushar@zni.co.in

I always try to simplify things as much as possible for new entrants so, that they don’t have to face all the difficulties which I have already faced in early days of my venture.