TRAI imposing 5 paise IUC on commercial SMS

After TRAI’s NCCPR here comes another bummer from TRAI in terms of IUC on commercial SMS. As per the TRAI chairman they will come up with a regulation by 15th October to impose 5 paise IUC charges on every commercial SMS sent.

One thing TRAI would never understand and able to differentiate between Commercial and Transactions SMS.

Let us know your views on it.

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One Response to TRAI imposing 5 paise IUC on commercial SMS

  1. Mukesh says:

    We need one more anna hazare against TRAI :P
    They are making shit rules without Thinking Its negative Points…
    Before some days trai Told Indian Govt didnt any type of loss due to 2G scam…
    They want to recover the loss and making equality ….

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