3 Innovative Ways Businesses are Using Bulk SMS Messaging


Whether it is about boosting sales or fostering customer relationships, bulk SMS is a great communication tool. Using service in just the right way can let you earn the optimal benefits. Let us have a quick look at the 3 innovative ways businesses can use bulk SMS.

Opening Two-way Communication (SMS Polling):

If you want your customers to participate actively, you need to encourage them to give their feedback. This way you would be able to open a 2-way communication. These days, short codes are used which are the quickest, most efficient, direct and cost-effective way to communicate with your customers.

SMS polling is in trend. Business owners, restaurants, non-profits make use of SMS polling to connect with your audience, to get their feedback and to adapt themselves to the requirements of the customers.

For instance, a newly opened food joint can make use of SMS polling to test the market for their new dish and can take the feedback from them as to what all should be added on their menu. Not only this, you can encourage them to participate by offering them discount etc. SMS polling helps evaluate skills of the employees, determine the job satisfaction level and to keep track of their weakness. Since the SMS polling is anonymous, there is no fear of their identity being disclosed publicly.

Integrating Bulk SMS to Email Marketing:

There are companies that integrate SMS marketing into their email campaigning. This is done to boost the open rates of emails because SMS open rates is 98% including urls promotes the traffic to your website and encourages subscriptions as well. Not only this, companies can also track customer activities back to the SMS. These all campaigns are driven by the keywords and short codes.

Boosting Education Facilities:

All around the world are using bulk messaging to reach parents, teachers and learners simultaneously. When you are hard pressed of time, you can do away with the tedious task of making calls and replace it with quick and effective SMS effectively. Bulk SMS is a quick, cost-effective and reliable communication method.