Toll Free Numbers Developer API

Now manage your toll-free numbers or build your own web GUI with our extensive APIs. Lot of API calls are available to manage calls, call flow, IVR and features. Few Examples are:

Call To URL

This API is used to get the Caller Information on the CRM so that caller ID based information can be retrieved.

Type: Push
Method: GET
Push Time: Queued
URL Format:


calledby: Phone number of the caller

Response Requested: N/A

Forwarding API

This API is used to return dynamic call forwarding numbers based on the caller ID. Maximum of 3 phone numbers can be returned.

Type: Push
Method: GET
Push Time: Real
URL Format:


calledby: Phone number of the caller

Response Requested: 11-digit phone number (including 0) in comma separated values

Billing API

This API is pushed after the call has been completed.

Type: Push
Method: GET
Push Time: Queued
URL Format:


calledby: Phone number of the caller
calledto: Destination phone number on, which call was forwarded
duration: Call duration in seconds
callstatus: Answered, Rejected, Busy, Congestion, OnIVR, Cancelled etc.
callcharges: Amount in rupees you have been charged for this call
smssent: Number of SMS sent as alerts through our system

Response Requested: N/A

Selective Call Forwarding

This API is used to return dynamic call forwarding status for the callerid. You can choose whether to forward call or disconnect the call after IVR.

Type: Push
Method: GET
Push Time: Real
URL Format:
calledby: Phone number of the caller
Response Requested: True or False

Pull Based APIs

Type: Pull
Method: GET



userid : Your corporate ID
apikey : 32bit API key, You can get this by creating a support request.
cbsno : Your internal number, this number is available on your panel.
action : Following action commands are available

  • addWhiteList : Allows you to add a whitelist number

    • Extra Parameters:

      • no = The number, which you want to add

  • removeWhiteList : Allows you to remove a whitelist number

    • Extra Parameters:

      • no = The number, which you want to remove

  • addBlackList : Allows you to add a blacklist number

    • Extra Parameters:

      • no = The number, which you want to add

  • removeBlackList : Allows you to remove a blacklist number

    • Extra Parameters:

      • no = The number, which you want to remove

  • enableDND : Allows you to set DND. If enabled call forwarding after IVR will be disabled.

  • disableDND : Disables the DND if, set.

  • changeAnnouncement : This will enable a small audio prompt before the IVR.

    • Extra Parameters:

      • audioid = Audio file ID, which you want to set as announcement

  • disableAnnouncement : Disable the announcement you have previously set.

  • enableHolidayMode : All incoming calls will be rejected.

  • disableHolidayMode : Incoming calls will be accepted as usual.


  • changeIVR : Allows you to change whole IVR.

    • Extra Parameters:

      • ivrid = IVR id, which you want to enable.

  • changeDefaultRoutingNumber : Default routing number can be changed through this API call and this will only work if IVR is not set.

    • Extra Parameters:

      • no = 10 digit phone number without ISD code or 0.

  • changeMCIVR : Allows you to change whole IVR.

    • Extra Parameters:

      • audioid = Audio id, which you want to enable.

  • listAudioFile : This will display a list of audio files you have uploaded in the system. The list will be in comma separated format contains audio file id and file name.

    • Parameters returned:

      • audioid = File id, required in case of setting announcement

      • filename = Name of the file

  • listIVRS : This will display a list of IVRs you have created in the system. The list will be in comma separated format contains ivr file id and ivr name and ivr status.

    • Parameters returned:

      • ivrid = IVR id, required in case of IVR

      • ivrname = Name of the IVR

      • ivrstatus = Active or Inactive

Kindly note:

Real Time push APIs like Forwarding, Selective Forwarding are time sensitive APIs i.e. if your server did not respond within 10 seconds it will play the IVR and drop the connection of the caller. Please ensure your server responds in timely fashion always.

Queue based APIs like Billing or Call-To-URL keeps a queue of the data and sends the data one by one and are more fault tolerant but lags in response time.

For pull based APIs you are allowed 200 requests per day from a single userid and 500 requests per day from a particular IP address. Also if your IP fails to authenticate for more than 5 times in a day than it will be banned for next 24 hours.

API Key can be requested from here. API key is password independent i.e. you can change your password as many times as you want and it will not affect the API key.

Toll Free Numbers Reseller Plan in India

Now earn Rs 50,000+ per month just by reselling Toll-Free numbers and plans offered by ZNI (

You, don’t have to take pain of customer service, documentations or after sales support as every thing will be handled by Ziffy and you can put all your efforts on closing the deal.

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Premium Toll-Free Numbers @ Rs 3000 per month only

We have some really cool toll-free numbers available for you (limited to first 15 only.) @ Rs 3000/-, which are generally charged @ Rs 10,000/- per month.


Choice is yours either use it for Incoming service or for Call Back Service (Missed Call) or IVR.

To get them activated visit

Ultimate Lead Generation Tool – Missed Call Based Toll Free Number

toll free lead generation

Every business has three major concerns:

  1. Generating Leads
  2. Managing Leads
  3. Converting Leads
Why are they the major concern? Because a sales process always starts from a Lead, which later converts to “Potential” and than to “Sales”.  
Without effectively managing the leads, which is the case with most of the solutions generally tends to loss of business. In most of the cases companies put their employee’s mobile number to gather leads which eventually a loss of business and correct RoI can not be measured because a person can not be available 24×7 to attend all the calls or multiple calls at a time.

ZNI’s Missed Call Based Toll-Free Numbers allows you to capture 100% leads with zero percentage of failure, which gives you 400% more RoI from your existing lead generation tool. We are capable of  handling over 600 leads per second and can expand this capacity to 6000 leads per second depending upon the client’s requirement.

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How CBS (Call Back Service) or Missed Call Lead Generation Works?

How Toll Free Call Back Service Works?

As the above given image shows our CBS has a very simple call flow and can be summed up in few simple steps.

  1. Customer places the call on your CBS number.
  2. ZNI will check your contact details from our database. If, your services are active than the call will be hanged up.
  3. Caller will get a SMS with your company name at the end. These messages are delivered 24×7 to all numbers as they aren’t unsolicited. No SPAM at all for the customer.
  4. Data will be stored in the database and an email will be send to your email ID.
  5. Data can also be accessed from ZNI’s CBS Panel i.e. Call Management Panel.



Daily Deals on rock bottom prices for SMS, IVR, Bulk SMS, Reseller SMS, Toll Free Numbers

We are glad to announce our new “Daily Deals” section. Here you will get deals on rock bottom prices which are available for only one day. Yes, you can only purchase items on the same day at that price.

Our daily deal offers will be open at 10:00 AM (Monday to Friday) every week and available to grab for the same day only.

The offer price will be available for only first 10 customers on the daily basis.

Diwali Dhamaka

Diwali Offer, Cheap SMS, IVR, Toll Free Numbers

This is the best time to cash in your customers as they are here to spend for Diwali. ZNI brings you the best offers so that you can get best out of them.

Following Offers are available:

CBS (0522 Series): One year subscription @ Rs 3600/- (Regular price Rs 12000/-)

SMS (DND Open Route for Critical Transactions) @ Rs 0.37 per SMS (Regular price Rs 0.50 per SMS)

SMS (Marketing) @ Rs 0.015 per SMS (Regular price Rs 0.021 per SMS)

Email Newsletters @ Rs 1000/- per month (100 emails per hour limit & Rs 5000/- one time setup fee)

Kindly note:

  1. Minimum purchase for DND open route is 1 Lakh SMS and on marketing route is 10 lakh SMS to get theses offers.
  2. Payment is 100% advance and is non-refundable.
  3. Offer not available for reselling (CBS).
  4. Critical route is not available for spamming or sending promotional messages.
  5. This offer is valid till 28th October only.
To know more about if you can live chat with us from or call us on 09554220088 or dial 1800-200-5777 to get a free call back.


Increase your leads by over 400% without paying anything extra

Have you ever calculated your RoI on the campaigns run by you either through SMS or any other medium?

The only way of calculating RoI on offline medium is through the number of leads generated. Most of the companies generally use their mobile numbers or a SMS short code to receive the leads but how effective are these mediums?

On a SMS short code a consumer need to send a premium SMS which generally costs Rs 3 while on a mobile number one has to pay STD call charges and at a time only one person can contact.

So what is the best method to get the maximum leads on a SMS or any offline campaign? It’s ZNI’s Call Back Service (CBS). Why? Because

1. Its free to your customers
2. You will pay only a fixed charge per month
3. Per second you can receive over 300 calls
4. Complete logging of data 24×7
5. 400% more lead generation than any conventional medium.

We have a live case study where a company (xyz) which was sending a crore SMS per month to generate leads were getting around 6000 to 8000 leads on multiple phone numbers while using our CBS service they got 68000 responses out of 20 lakh SMS sent in a week.

Want to try? Let us know and we will offer you one month free service. Call 18002005777

Call back service @ Rs 1000 only

Unlike other Toll-Free services ZNI toll-free call back service won’t charge you premium rates instead use your own billing plan to communicate with your customers.

How ZNI’s toll-free call back service works?

  1. Register at ZNI ( required for new customers only.
  2. Activate your services by paying the required amount
  3. Publish your call-back number on your website, leaflets and on other printing material.
  4. As the customer calls on your call-back number after one ring the call will be disconnected.
  5. Customer/Caller will receive a SMS instantly like “Thanks for your call back request. We will get back to you soon. – Your company name, Service provided by
  6. You will get an email on real time with customer/caller details. It can also be retrieved from the control panel.

This call will be completely free for him as well as you.

How much you will have to pay?

Rs 1000/- per month on pay as you go basis. On advance rental of 10 months you will get two months free.

Setup Fee: Waived for all customers activating their account this week i.e. before 20th March 11

Setup Time: 15 minutes after receiving your payment.

To start simply call on 0522-3095777 (our toll free call back service number) or you can mail us on

Visit for more details about toll-free number.

Tollfree Call Back Service

There are many ways through which a customer can contact you and that includes SMS on your mobile, SMS on premium short code, IVR systems, Toll Free numbers like 1-800, Normal telephonic call (inbound), Online Support etc but on all these services customer has to shell out some money to contact you.

This may not be an issue with an old customer but what about the new business leads? How would you take care of them? How will you stop them from being diverted from you because of high cost of communication for them? One solution is toll-free numbers like 1-800 where your customers won’t be charged for the call but you have to bear the same which tends to high cost of lead conversion.

ZNI have a very unique offering where you can offer your customers a call back facility.

How it will work?

  1. You register with ZNI and we will provide you a number like 05-223-095-777.
  2. Your customer will dial this number whenever they need to contact you. Call will be disconnected within 2 seconds without letting the customer or caller pay anything.
  3. If, caller is using a mobile number to call than he will get a SMS with the confirmation.
  4. You will get an e-mail with customer phone number in real time.
  5. You call the customer to solve his/her query.

This way you can build a strong relationship with the customer by showing that you care for them and for their money (ofcourse every businessman does :) ).

For more details please feel free to contact us on by dialing 05223095777 (toll-free).

Launching Toll-Free Numbers

One India, One Number!! In the age of mobile revolution and immense competition why to ask your customers to pay premium STD charges to contact you? Provide them the facility to call you toll free from anywhere in India.

ZNI is proud to launch Toll-Free Numbers (1-800-xxxx-xxxx) series numbers which allows your customers to reach you without spending a paisa.

What is a Toll-Free number?

toll-freeFreecallFreephone800 number, or 1-800 number is a special telephone number, in that the called party is charged the cost of the calls by the telephone carrier, instead of the calling party. A toll-free number is assigned from a special dialing prefix range (also known as area code) such as 0800 where all calls to those prefixes are free to the caller.

The cost of the call to the called party is usually based on factors such as the amount of usage the number experiences, the cost of the trunk lines to the facility, and possibly a monthly flat rate service charge.

Toll-Free Vanity Number and Branding

A toll-free vanity number, custom toll free number, or mnemonic is a 1-800 telephone number that is easy to remember because it spells something and means something like 1-800-FED-INFO. A vanity number, being a phoneword, is easier to remember than a numerically presented phone number such as 1-866-348-7934. A recent A/B study on three direct response agencies shows a 25% to 69% increase in caller response rates when using a memorable number. Businesses use easy recognizable 1-800 vanity numbers as both a branding and a direct response tool in their advertising (radio, television, print, outdoor, etc.).

Reasons for Use

The called party may use a toll-free phone number because:

  • They charge the calling party in another way, such as for technical support calls.
  • They make a sale following the call to the toll-free number.
  • Sales were enhanced with the inclusion of toll-free support.
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction by providing free after-sales support in certain products/services.
  • They want friends and family to be able to contact them without paying long distance.
  • They are operating a non-profit service intended to be free to the client.

Toll-free numbers differ from collect calls (where the called party also pays for the call) in that the call is always free to toll-free numbers, whereas the called party has to give special permission on a call by call basis to pick up the charge in the case of collect calls.


Setup Fee: Rs 5,000/- (one time non-refundable)

Security Deposit: Rs 10,000/-

Monthly Rent: Rs 1,000/- (payable quarterly)

Call Charges: Rs 2.40 per minute (incoming)

How to get a Toll-Free number?

To get a toll free number either you can call 0522-4105430/31/32/33 or mail us on