Online SMS vs Phone Based SMS Gateway

Year 1:

Online Phone Based
No of deivice 0 10
Modem Cost 0 50000
Licesnse Cost 0 12000
SMS Cost 0.25 0.05
SMS per day 1000 1000
No of days 365 365
SMS per month (30) 30416 30416
SMS per year 365000 365000
Cost of sms 91250 18250
Investment 91250 80250

Year 2:

Online Phone Based
No of deivice 0 0
Modem Cost 0 0
Licesnse Cost 0 9000
SMS Cost 0.25 0.05
SMS per day 1000 1000
No of days 365 365
SMS per month (30) 30416 30416
SMS per year 365000 365000
Cost of sms 91250 18250
Investment 91250 27250


  1. You are sending 1000 SMS per day (1st 100 SMS are cheaper i.e. 5 paise)
  2. Since your daily usage is 1000 SMS and first 100 SMS per SIM are cheaper therefore we are using 10 devices.
  3. Each device costs Rs 5000 (though Rs 4000 device from Intex and Karbon are already in the market).
  4. Software license cost is per year for our Android application. Renewals are 25% discounted.
  5. In market transactional SMS are charged at around 25 paise to 35 paise for less than 1 lakh volume per month. We are taking 25 paise (on lower side).
  6. In 2nd year the difference is huge and will recover your investment on devices also.


Phone based SMS though our Android application is a clear winner here as total investment for 3,65,000 SMS in a year you are paying Rs 80,250/- vs Rs 91,250/- for an online service and in second year the difference is over 4 times.

Few other advantages of Mobile SMS Software:

  1. No pre-paid model. You are paying to your vendor on post-paid basis so no initial investment for a long term.
  2. You are paying to your vendor only for delivered SMS unlike online SMS services.
  3. No restriction over the service.









GSM Modem & Mobile SMS Software

Do you want to send SMS through your mobile or GSM Modem?

ZNI’s Android application is a better alternative for a GSM Modem because:

  1. An Android mobile comes for Rs 4000/- ($100) while a GSM modem will cost you 2x of that price.
  2. You will have more control over a mobile than GSM modem like Wi-Fi, EDGE etc.
  3. ZNI’s android bulk SMS gateway gives you a web based interface, which can be used to send and receive SMS along with APIs (REST based).

Some other exceptional features are:

  1. Bulk SMS from web interface
  2. Advance group handling i.e. create multiple groups with 1 million members each
  3. API support (for outgoing and incoming SMS). You can integrate this gateway with your website or desktop application to send SMS on trigger basis. Our API is platform and language independent, therefore you can use it with any programming language like JavaScript (node.js, jquery), Ruby on Rails, PHP, ASP.NET, ASP etc.
  4. Two-way SMS i.e. incoming SMS processing. Check the response rate of your campaign.
  5. Missed Call Service
  6. Delivery Reports
  7. You will be charged only for delivered SMS.
  8. Post-paid billing by your carrier.
  9. Your brand, your number.
  10. Add multiple numbers (SIM/Phone) to build a large cluster.
  11. Send SMS even on DND listed numbers if, they are registered with you.
  12. SMS queuing (i.e. if your mobile can not connect to internet to fetch the data than we will queue the messages till it gets a connection.)
  13. Runs as a gateway i.e. it will work in background on your mobile without interrupting your day to day tasks.
  14. Full control on message sending.
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