Bulk Voice Calls – For Election Season

Election season is here and what is the better way to communicate with voters than directly calling them on their mobile. However calling them one by one is an impossible task but with through Ziffy’s autodialer solution you can make 4 crore calls on daily basis i.e. whole India can be covered in just 6 days in your voice.

Rates: 1,00,000 Pulses = Rs 28,000/- + taxes

1 Pulse = 30 Second Call

Thats not it, club it with Bulk SMS for just Rs 10,000/- for one lakh SMS.

1 Lakh Calls + 1 Lakh SMS @ Rs 38,000/- + taxes

Circle wise data is available for calling. Please note these calls will not be sent on DND listed numbers and also you will not be charged for them.

For more details please visit http://www.ziffy.in/contactus.asp or call 09554443322

Premium Toll-Free Numbers @ Rs 3000 per month only

We have some really cool toll-free numbers available for you (limited to first 15 only.) @ Rs 3000/-, which are generally charged @ Rs 10,000/- per month.


Choice is yours either use it for Incoming service or for Call Back Service (Missed Call) or IVR.

To get them activated visit http://www.znisms.com/contactus.html

Bulk SMS, IVR, Call Back Service (Missed Call)

Call Back Service, IVR, SMS
Call Back Service, IVR, SMS

Don’t miss this offer get all our services on a discounted price till 31st December 2011.

Toll Free Number (1800 Series)

Get a Tollfree Incoming or CBS number with 1800 series (e.g. 1800-200-5777) to represent your brand. ZNI’s Toll Free numbers allow you start offering your customers a toll free medium to contact you, which eventually increases your leads and hence sales.

Our 1800 series plans starts from Rs 3000/- per month (for CBS as well as for Incoming). Click here to know more.

Toll Free (0522 Series) Missed Call Service (CBS)

An easy to use and effective way to increase your sales leads as well as to increase the RoI on offline campaigns. ZNI’s CBS works on Missed Call concept and log each and every call received on your number 24×7, 365 days in an year.

Offering one year of service @ Rs 3600/- ( Normal cost Rs 1000 per month)

DND Open Route SMS (24×7  Delivery, With Sender ID)

It’s not a regular SMS. Our DND Open Route allows you to send SMS even on DND listed numbers 24×7 with your own sender ID.

Special Price: 1 Lakh SMS @ Rs 18,000/-

Regular SMS (including IUC for Marketing)

Want to use SMS marketing in a legal way? Get our SMS package with auto-dnd filtering, NCCPR safe.

Special Offer Price: 10 Lakh SMS @ Rs 65,000/- (Including IUC of 5 paise per SMS).

E-mail Marketing

SMS not your cup of tea? Use one of the widely used service for customer interaction i.e. E-mail. We offer Unlimited e-mail package starting from Rs 1000 per month.

To purchase our packages kindly visit http://www.znisms.com/cart/

To get the services offline by depositing in Bank Account kindly click here.

Daily Deals on rock bottom prices for SMS, IVR, Bulk SMS, Reseller SMS, Toll Free Numbers

We are glad to announce our new “Daily Deals” section. Here you will get deals on rock bottom prices which are available for only one day. Yes, you can only purchase items on the same day at that price.

Our daily deal offers will be open at 10:00 AM (Monday to Friday) every week and available to grab for the same day only.

The offer price will be available for only first 10 customers on the daily basis.

Diwali Dhamaka

Diwali Offer, Cheap SMS, IVR, Toll Free Numbers

This is the best time to cash in your customers as they are here to spend for Diwali. ZNI brings you the best offers so that you can get best out of them.

Following Offers are available:

CBS (0522 Series): One year subscription @ Rs 3600/- (Regular price Rs 12000/-)

SMS (DND Open Route for Critical Transactions) @ Rs 0.37 per SMS (Regular price Rs 0.50 per SMS)

SMS (Marketing) @ Rs 0.015 per SMS (Regular price Rs 0.021 per SMS)

Email Newsletters @ Rs 1000/- per month (100 emails per hour limit & Rs 5000/- one time setup fee)

Kindly note:

  1. Minimum purchase for DND open route is 1 Lakh SMS and on marketing route is 10 lakh SMS to get theses offers.
  2. Payment is 100% advance and is non-refundable.
  3. Offer not available for reselling (CBS).
  4. Critical route is not available for spamming or sending promotional messages.
  5. This offer is valid till 28th October only.
To know more about if you can live chat with us from http://support.znisms.com or call us on 09554220088 or dial 1800-200-5777 to get a free call back.


Never miss a client again

The most important aspect of any business is to retain the old customers along with build new customer base. The hard part for any SME or SOHO is that you won’t be able to attend all the call all the time. The alternate way is to hire a full time employee who will attend all the call on behalf of you (which means more expenses) and more than one employee if, you want to give 24×7 support  to your customers.

ZNI’s unique solution let you attend all the calls even if, you are not able to pickup the phone or completely unreachable, through our two very unique products IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and CBS (Call Back Services).

Difference between IVR and CBS?

While both works on voice based solution the biggest difference between them is while CBS is a toll-free solution where neither customer nor the business will pay for the calls received as customer/caller need to just give a missed call (e.g. 0522-3095777) on the specified number and his details will be transferred to you via e-mail and can be retrieved later from our control panel, on the other hand IVR allows you to connect with the customer through some automated system pre-recorded voice messages and number based menus for example your mobile operator’s customer care.


IVR: Rs 1500/- per month per line

CBS: Rs 1000/- per month per number

Setup Fee: Rs 5000/- (can be waived with six month advance rental)

All applicable taxes will be charged extra.

For more details you can reply back to this mail or send a call back request to us by calling 0522-3095777 (toll-free).

Tollfree Call Back Service

There are many ways through which a customer can contact you and that includes SMS on your mobile, SMS on premium short code, IVR systems, Toll Free numbers like 1-800, Normal telephonic call (inbound), Online Support etc but on all these services customer has to shell out some money to contact you.

This may not be an issue with an old customer but what about the new business leads? How would you take care of them? How will you stop them from being diverted from you because of high cost of communication for them? One solution is toll-free numbers like 1-800 where your customers won’t be charged for the call but you have to bear the same which tends to high cost of lead conversion.

ZNI have a very unique offering where you can offer your customers a call back facility.

How it will work?

  1. You register with ZNI and we will provide you a number like 05-223-095-777.
  2. Your customer will dial this number whenever they need to contact you. Call will be disconnected within 2 seconds without letting the customer or caller pay anything.
  3. If, caller is using a mobile number to call than he will get a SMS with the confirmation.
  4. You will get an e-mail with customer phone number in real time.
  5. You call the customer to solve his/her query.

This way you can build a strong relationship with the customer by showing that you care for them and for their money (ofcourse every businessman does :) ).

For more details please feel free to contact us on by dialing 05223095777 (toll-free).