10 Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing That Gives it An Edge!


Read this if you have not considered integrating SMS into your marketing strategy. Apart from having an apparent benefit of cost effectiveness, there are 10 major benefits of Bulk SMS that you often overlook. Let us start with the most vital one first.

Get Delivered Instantly:

SMS is the fastest mode of communication. SMS marketing is like putting messages directly into the pockets of the customers. Just come to think of this that the average time for all the SMS services and mobile carriers is less than seven seconds.

You Can Customize them As Per the Needs of Your Customers:

Whether they are to be sent to a targeted group or to thousands of SMS messages to different people, SMS marketing makes it easy for you to customize your text messages as per the requirements of your customers. Bulk SMS services can be easily integrated into online marketing strategies.

Opting in and Opting Out is Easy:

Thanks to the short codes, opting in and opting out of SMS stream is easy and instant. You hardly need to furnish any personal information unlike other opting in and opting out options. This feature keeps the subscription rate of bulk SMS high.

People Open SMS More Often than E-mails:

SMS have a much higher open rates than the e-mails. Subscribers tend to open SMS more than the emails. In certain cases, text messages get automatically opened but such is not the case with emails. Subscribers may or may not open all the mails.

More Reliability:

Since SMS do not have to fight through against spam or the filters like SMS and therefore SMS is more like a direct connection to the customer base than any other form of marketing strategies.

Can Tap a Large Potential Market:

Mobile phone subscribers are rising by each passing day and text messaging is the preferred way for communication rather than writing mails. So, using the bulk SMS service you can tap a limitlessly large market.

Go Green:

Although all the online marketing strategies are green, but it is good to repeat that unlike conventional form of marketing, user-friendly people prefer to use this bulk SMS services for successful campaigning.