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Do not send SPAM, let the user opt-in for your messages

It’s a general belief that sending unsolicited messages and making voice calls are bad for business and its true in most of the cases as it makes a bad impact on the customer’s mind and they become reluctant in sharing their details just to safeguard them from future nuisance of SMS spamming.

So, what’s the best way to get the customer attention without sending SPAMs? The best way is to provide customers an option of OPT-IN list (just like Do Call list) that way only interested customers will join the list and it will also save your money as in future you will send SMS only to those who are really interested in the services.

So, how to provide such SMS based opt-in list? To provide a SMS based opt-in list, is really a difficult task and indulge lot of time and money, as you will need a short code keyword, list management software and time to mange the lists. Other simple method is to use ZNISMS “Global Lists”.

“Global List” launched by ZNISMS is one of its kind product in the market which manages your SMS opt-in lists as well as let you send the messages whenever you want to send. Global Lists provide two keywords JOIN to subscribe and REM to unsubscribe from a Global List. Once the user sends REM with group name from which he/she needs to unsubscribe they will not get another messages from the list owner.

Lets take an example, say you are a service provider who provides Cricket Alerts for ongoing matches and you have made a global group in ZNISMS named CRICKET. Now whenever your customers needs to subscribe to your list they will send

JOIN CRICKET to 5607008

and if, somebody really tired of your SMS based alerts they can easily unsubscribe from the list by sending

REM CRICKET to 5607008

There are few benefits of SMS based opt-in lists:

  1. You are saving lot of money by sending SMS only to interested people.
  2. You will not get any complaints for sending unsolicited messages as they all have subscribed to service by themselves.
  3. You don’t need to scrub your data with DND (National Do Not Call Registry) as the customer subscribed the service.
  4. Everything will be managed on ZNISMS servers therefore you can access your lists anytime from anywhere.

That’s not all as an administrator of your list you can always add and remove numbers from the control panel. While removing of numbers is OK, adding numbers to the lists by yourself is not recommended, as it will land you in trouble of sending unsolicited message.

How to ask users to add themselves to your SMS opt-in list?

I know customers doesn’t feel comfortable in sharing their mobile numbers with any company but they can if, you offer them some cool benefits like discount coupons, special offers etc and assure them that you will not send regular messages and it will be limited only to occasional offers.

Opt-In vs Mass SMS (Spamming)?

You might be getting this in your mind that if, you limit yourself only to opt-in list then it could limit your conversion rate also… but that’s not the case. Opt-in users tends to provide more conversion rate than the users those who don’t intend to receive your promotional offer.

Answer one question… what will a user do with a nappy ad who isn’t married yet? Or what will a male user do with a ladies slippers ad?

It’s always better to provide information and discounts coupons to a person who is interested in your services rather than sending to a person who will just discard the message.


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