6 Businesses that Use Bulk SMS Optimally


Owing to their multiple benefits, there are many industries that are currently making use of Bulk SMS software. Whether it is about improving services, engaging customers or minting profits, bulk SMS services have given an edge to the industries but there are certain industries that are able to reap its benefits more than the others. Let us have a quick look at 6 such industries.


Hotel industry is one of those industries that can make the optimal use of bulk SMS services. Sending the latest deals, details of accommodations and program schedule at various hotels can be done easily with the help of bulk SMS service. Whether it is about sending bulk messages to the itineraries, making service queries or coming up with the festival offers, not only do the customer get intimated about the events but also get the opportunity to book the hotels and make  payment with just a click.


Banks are the largest users of bulk SMS services. See yourself! How many times you receive various messages from the bank? Their schemes, policies and offers are conveyed via bulk SMS. This is indeed the finest form of bulk messages that can be used to inform any kind of banking activity like cash withdrawal, checking of bank account balance, verification procedure and a lot more. This helps in making banking easier for the customers and provides them a better security.

Real Estate Industry:

Bulk SMS software are used in the real estate industry for informing their customers regarding their ongoing or future projects, Real estate companies use this service to inform their customers about their future/ongoing projects and their specialities. Bulk SMSes are also be used by these companies to keep in a constant touch with their customers.

E-Commerce Industry:

This is one industry which makes the optimum use of bulk SMS service. E-commerce companies need to send repeated messages to their potential customers. With the help of bulk SMS service they can make the news like launch of a new product or heavy discount on product viral.

Educational Institution:

To distribute curriculum, to declare the exam dates, to declare results, there are plenty of reason why educational institution needs a toll free number. Bulk messages can be used in a number of ways to update parents about attendance, exam dates, reminder of updates, time tables etc.

Tours and Travels:

To promote their various journey packages to the holidaymakers, tours and travel industry makes use of bulk SMS services.

Bottom line:

Bulk SMS can be highly effective if you can use them the right way. It is a sure shot way to build a bond of trust with your customers. Use them to make a difference to your business.


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