Call back service – How it can be useful?

So we got a new service, demonstrated to the world, showed its pros (cons you will definitely come out with) but the question is how will it fit in your shoes?

Toll-Free call back is a very unique  service which lets your customers to contact you without paying a single paisa. You may argue that it can also be done with Toll-Free (1-800) numbers? Yes, you can but in that case you will be paying premium charges for all incoming calls and if, your call volume is high or you are getting junk queries more than the real ones than how will you control that?

Our call back service gives you the control over:

  1. Who to contact
  2. How many times to contact
  3. When to contact

Because as soon as they call on your call-back service number you will get an e-mail from us as well as you can download the data from our control panel any time.

The other and biggest advantage for this service is that you won’t miss a single call again since all calls are logged automatically and can be downloaded from our panel.

Who can gain most benefits from this service?

Any business who want to get more customers and offer them best services. Gaining more and more customers is the ultimate goal of any business and loosing such leads will be a huge setback.

Some of the industries which can use it are:

  1. Real Estate
  2. Online E-commerce based business
  3. Customer Support
  4. Sales Leads Generation

If, you want to know more how this service can be fit in your business please call on 0522-3095777 (our callback number). You will get a call within 1 hour to discuss in detail.

5 thoughts on “Call back service – How it can be useful?”

  1. Hi,
    I would like to integrate the call back service with my web application. Do you have an API which can be used to retrieve the caller details in real time?


    1. Dear Nitin,

      Yes, we do have API for the same. Please leave your contact details by dialing 1800-200-5777 or call us on 0522-3098080 for more details.

  2. Dear Sir ‘ Mam

    Mujhe Toll Free – or Short Code or Product Ki All Services Ki Distributor Ship Lena Chahta Hun.

    Mujhe Kya Karna Hoga ?

    or Mai Agar Resell Karta Hun to mera kya Commission hoga ?


    Santosh Singh

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