Run your own SMS gateway with Android Mobile

SMS Gateway on Android PhoneTurn your Android smartphone in to fully functional Bulk SMS Gateway with two-way SMS support i.e. SMS Long Code.

Now you can run your own SMS gateway from your Android phone (running Froyo and above) with complete web based panel to send SMS along with REST API support, so that you can send SMS from your own applications as well as website.

You can send SMS even on DND listed numbers with 24×7 delivery (we do not encourage spamming), no IUC or other taxes. Use your own SIM card and billing plan (operators generally offer SMS plans ranging from 6 paise to 1 paise).

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Why you need this app?:

  1. Bulk SMS from web interface
  2. Advance group handling i.e. create multiple groups with 1 million members each
  3. API support (for outgoing and incoming SMS). You can integrate this gateway with your website or desktop application to send SMS on trigger basis. Our API is platform and language independent, therefore you can use it with any programming language like JavaScript (node.js, jquery), Ruby on Rails, PHP, ASP.NET, ASP etc.
  4. Two-way SMS i.e. incoming SMS processing. Check the response rate of your campaign.
  5. Delivery Reports
  6. You will be charged only for delivered SMS.
  7. Post-paid billing by your carrier.
  8. Your brand, your number.
  9. Add multiple numbers (SIM/Phone) to build a large cluster.
  10. Send SMS even on DND listed numbers if, they are registered with you.
  11. SMS queuing (i.e. if your mobile can not connect to internet to fetch the data than we will queue the messages till it gets a connection.)
  12. Runs as a gateway i.e. it will work in background on your mobile without interrupting your day to day tasks.
  13. Full control on message sending.

How it works? 

First you need to register an account and this can be done from the Android app itself. Once registered you can login from

Once your account is active, you can send SMS from our web interface at or through API.

To run the application on your mobile, download the app from

Download SMS gateway app from Google Playand install on your mobile. Open the app and enter your login credentials.

Login to send bulk sms

Once your data is saved (you will get a message like “your data has been saved”), click on “Menu” button on your mobile.

start sms service

Click on “Start” button to start the service on your mobile.

Once your service is started than all your messages will get delivered from your mobile, which were sent through Web Interface or API.

To stop the service press the “Stop” button. Please note all the unsent messages in queue will get lost if you press Stop button while the app is sending SMS.

Enable Incoming SMS Processing (Two-way SMS)

Incoming SMS ProcessingClick on the “Process Incoming SMS” on the “Settings Tab” of home page.

 API for Sending SMS


userid: ID created on
apikey: 32bit API Key (provided by ZNI)
sendto: Mobile number on which message has to be sent.
message: URL encoded message. Max 160 characters.

You can keep pushing SMS through API even when your mobile is offline and once it comes online our Application will push all data through your mobile.

Keep your Wi-Fi on Always On Mode (Never Sleeps)

Select the Wi-Fi Settings and Click on Advance

Now select the “Sleep Policy”

Now select the option “Always” i.e. wi-fi should be on always.

For best deliverability always put your phone to call forwarding (un-conditional for all calls).


25 thoughts on “Run your own SMS gateway with Android Mobile”

  1. I had installed this app on my sony erricson xperia mini pro (android phone) but when i enter user and pass and clicked on save, it giving error message “please enter your userid and password”.
    Kindly provide the solution.

    1. Dear Arvind, are you sure that you are entering right username and password. This detail is same as your username and password.

    1. Dear Shekar,

      You can register an account directly from the app. Kindly download the latest version 0.1.20 from the Android market place and register an account from their. If, you still faced the same problem than please send a mail to with your Android OS version and Phone Model.

  2. Hi,
    We are looking for an sms solution. Please let me know if you can help us.
    1. We are going to give an ad in newspaper. That will have information about our business and a specific number to send sms.
    2. We expect interested persons to send sms to that number (either toll free or their sms plan). When they send sms, we need to receive them on a desktop.
    3. We need to send reply sms to them from the desktop which shall be delivered on their mobile from the same number (to which they messaged initially).
    Can you provide us solution?

  3. Dear Team,

    I have checked your website, You have closed free registration.

    I am intersted in paid service but my usage is too low, like 3000 SMS per month. So can i get some demo?


  4. I need a sms gateway for my website. Kindly mail me the cost & other details of the service. It would be great if I could get a demo.

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