DND Open Route SMS through Android Mobile Application

  • Do you want to send SMS on DND listed numbers?
  • Do you have opt-in users but still you can’t send SMS on their numbers?
  • Do you feel SMS aggregators are charging too much for transactional SMS?
  • Do you have unlimited SMS plan from your mobile service provider?

If for any of the above question your answer is “Yes”, then you need our Android Mobile application.

What is it?

Our Android mobile application is a combination of our Web based Interface and a mobile application.

Where your mobile will be treated as a gateway and will use your mobile service plan for sending SMS i.e. if you have unlimited free SMS in your plan or even 1 paise per SMS than you will not be charged any thing extra for sending SMS.

Since creating groups on a mobile phone is a very tedious job as you have to enter every number manually and your mobile SMS application also not support sending more than 20 SMS at a time.

However with our application you can create your groups on a web interface by visiting www.znisms.com and by importing contacts from excel, csv or even from text file and then our mobile application fetch those groups along with the message to be sent and will send SMS to all those numbers. We have tried sending up to 10000 SMS at a time from a single group without any problem.

Where to get the application?

Visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.znisms.bulksms
Once the application is downloaded on your mobile, visit http://www.znisms.com/registeruser.asp and create an account and after that login from http://mobile.znisms.com to send SMS through web interface using your mobile.

3 thoughts on “DND Open Route SMS through Android Mobile Application”

  1. Are there any charges for using this application? What are the terms for using your application as well as web-based interface?

  2. hello sir you doing a great job. because to days everyone want to send bulk sms in some time . i also used toll free number service providers in india

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