Developer’s API for real time checking of DND registration programmatically

[UPDATE: Service Discontinued from 19th March 2013]

Are you looking for a method from where you can check weather a number is registered in NCCPR or not before sending the SMS?

Till now this can be only done if, you are a registered tele-marketer and have downloaded the data from TRAI website which is around 800 MB with weekly updates of 100 MB (twice).

ZNI has solved this issue with a free* API for developers and website owners across India. Through this API you can tell your customer that he is registered on DND and will not receive SMS as soon as he enters the data on your form.

So, how it gonna work?

We have a REST based API i.e. a simple HTTP GET/POST request. To get started you need to register at {Free API No longer available}

here it will ask for two step registration i.e. Your name and email ID. Once you entered that that our form will provide you an API Key. Please note this key as it will be required while you send any query to our server.

Service has been discontinued.

phone = 10 digit number which you want to check. No 91, 0 or + should be included.
apikey = A special key provided to you at the time of registration.

Once you make a request our system will return one of the following code:

0 = NOT in DND
1 = Registered in DND
-1 = Error Occurred
404 = API Key is invalid
400 = Your hourly API query limit reached

Currently we allow 1000 queries per hour by a single ID and not to mention each entity is allowed only one ID.

19 thoughts on “Developer’s API for real time checking of DND registration programmatically”

  1. Hai ,
    I have registered in DND registry for few services and others I want to get my SMS’es. But I am not getting SMSes from the services I wanted to get . How I can check my 2 nos- 9880700772(Airtel) and 9743898540(Idea) are registered in DND for what Services ?

  2. your API is great its working perfectly but now from few days it now showing result i dont know y can anyone help me

  3. Hi,
    I registered here and got the API from this. If i use this its gives -1 as output.

    I had tried more numbers, but it still gives the same output.

    Can anyone please suggest me.

    Thanks in Advance!.

  4. I have registered for this API and received a API Key.
    I am getting “-1” all time while accessing from browser.

    What could be the reason.
    Thanks in advance,

  5. How can i integrate this bulk sms system to my php website, i want my users in my website gets a message when the time of registration and i need to send sms to hundreds of people at a time but using php, is this possible ? is there any free trail to check the way it works for developers rather than this api link

    Please suggest me.

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