Send SMS to any number 24×7 bypassing DND

We understand how important it is for your company to send SMS 24×7 to all your customers, vendors employees etc bypassing TRAI’s NCCPR. It is more necessity than spamming for many of our customers and so as for you.

Yes, you can send Critical enterprise SMS, Customer Feedback data, Confirmation Messages, Mobile Verification Data, Customer Password etc by this critical SMS route.

We have a 100% working solution for the same. You can use your sender ID and can send SMS 24×7 (non-promotional).

Following are the plans to subscribe for:

10000 SMS @ Rs 9000/-

1 Lakh SMS @ Rs 50,000/-

5 Lakh SMS @ Rs 2,40,000/-

10 Lakh SMS @ Rs 4,00,000/-

Government taxes will be charged extra i.e. 10.3% (service tax) in our case.

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Note: This is a DND open route for sending any critical SMS generated by system via SMS API or Web Interface for human interaction. Share Brokers can also use this DND Open Route to send Stock Tips to their customers.

6 thoughts on “Send SMS to any number 24×7 bypassing DND”

  1. We want to send group SMS to our own downlines in MLM business using our own software We want to send to DND registered numbers too. Is you flat price of 10p/SMS is applicable? What formalities are required to use this DND transactional SMS route?

  2. Plan is too expensive as if we go for sms pack of 10000 is goes around Rs.9000/-. Any cheaper plan & what documents requires. Want more details regarding sender I.d.
    waiting 4 an positive reply.

  3. I want api for sending sms for my website I will use critical route for sending password at time of registeration and promotional sms for their person message.

    I will buy in Bulk Can you provide less rates for both

    please Reply ASAP.

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