Bulk SMS Gateway

As a developer or business owner many times you may need a functionality where you want to send SMS to your users be it for sending login details, new password, important information, sale or purchase information or just a promotional SMS to your registered users.

There are multiple ways of performing such a task like:

  1. Do it yourself via your mobile one by one. This is tiresome even for few 100 messages and not at all feasible.
  2. Use some SMS aggregators like znisms.com or some other as there are tons of them but the major issue with this that you need to invest in it by taking large volume of SMS from them in bulk where you might need just 1000 or more SMS. They ask you to buy in bulk with long validity period but you may never be sure would they be their for that much of period as many of them are mere a reseller of some big aggregator and running the services just for pocket money.
  3. Outsource to someone else. Is this really reliable method?
  4. Buy a SMS modem costs around Rs 75,000/- (USD 1000/-), hook it on a PC, buy a software license and send it through that. Do you think you will take that much pain just for sending few 1000 SMS?

Or else you can use your Android mobile with our small app (androidsmsgateway.com). This app will turn your android mobile into fully functional SMS gateway, which can handle from 100 SMS to millions of SMS at a time. The best of all it’s free for first month and after that just USD 25 (Rs 1200/-) per year.

Advance users with high usage requirement can build load balancing cluster with multiple mobiles and they all work in tandem with automatic load balancing. You can even set limit per mobile i.e. how many SMS can be sent from a mobile in a month. This feature is really useful when you have some limit on number of SMS you can send in a month.

The user interface and API are both web based i.e. you don’t need to put your phone on WiFi to access this gateway or remember some IP address to get connected with it. Everything is automatically handled by the app and our servers automatically.

You can also set incoming SMS api and delivery report api to make a two-way SMS system without any cost (3G or WiFi connectivity is required for this functionality).

You can login to web interface, upload data and can send SMS in minutes and all your connected mobiles will start sending SMSes in a minute.

Your mobiles are not yet connected to internet and you have queued large number of SMSes? Don’t worry! as soon as your mobile gets connected with the internet your queue will be pushed to them automatically.

There are tons of things, which you can do with Android Bulk SMS gateway and your powerful mobile. Start running your own SMS gateway in matter of seconds.

Download SMS gateway app from Google Play