Toll free Number are now free. Buy a toll free number without paying monthly rent

Yes, you saw it correctly. We are not charging any monthly rent for toll-free number and you will only pay for the usage. It is as simple as this.

Everyone is bragging about how cloud telephony is for entrepreneurs but no body really gets the real pain point i.e. cost of the service. Toll-free are very effective medium for inbound lead generation but yet very costly for entrepreneurs who has just started their business. ZNI solves this problem by launching Toll-free plans as On-demand instances i.e. use it when you required and pay only for what you have used. No monthly rents or hidden costs.

Pay only for what you use. There is no minimum fee to get a toll-free 1800 number for your business. You can choose between On-demand instance or a Reserved instance of service.

On-demand Instance (ODI) allows you to start offering your customers a toll-free business number with professional IVR and features. You can upgrade incoming channels as and when you may need it. ODI starts with single channel and for every incremental channel you will be charged Rs 2000 once. Yes, no recurring charges.

With On-demand instance you will be charged Rs 30 per day only if your day usage is less than Rs 30. For example say you have received 10 calls each with 2 minute duration then your total consumption for the day would be Rs 34, therefore you will not be charged daily rental for that day. On another day you received 3 calls of 1 minute each with total consumption of Rs 5.1 therefore you will be charged Rs 30 for that day as a daily rental and this amount will be deducted from your security deposit. Your account will remain active till you have a balance left in a way of security deposit – total usage.

On Demand Instance – Toll-Free 1800 Numbers

Channel: 1
Call Rate: Rs 1.7 / min
Security: Rs 3,000
Total With Tax: Rs 3,506* Buy Now

* Total amount includes Security + 12.36% service tax + 4% payment processing charges