Send SMS through your Android mobile via API

Yes, now you can use your android mobile as a SMS gateway and can send SMS through API or web based interface in millions.

You can also create a cluster of mobile phones that will give you better speed, redundancy and fail resistance through our Android Bulk SMS gateway app.

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Replace SMS with pushAlerts to send real time alerts

SMS is just too outdated, bugging and has become a medium of SPAM due to it’s uncontrollable push nature. There is a need to change (replace) this decade old technology. My aim is to provide alternate tech replacing SMS to developers.

There are so many P2P messaging apps are available in the market but none are developer centric and they all focus only on P2P communications while a vast majority of people still rely on SMS to get updates like:

1. Monitoring services/servers
2. Getting transactional alerts like getting alerts when somebody made an ecom transaction on their website etc.
3. Communicating info to authorised person through automated means like malfunction in machine to the supervisor.

The best part is it is permission based and fully controllable, inexpensive and available across platforms.

Why permission based? Let’s say you opted for Cricket Alerts from Vendor A, after some time this Vendor A sold the data to Vendor B, which is a Real Estate developer. Now in the case of SMS you were helpless and must look for SMS Blocker kind of apps to save yourself from such spammers but with our solution this Vendor B can be blocked on his very first transaction as well as the Vendor A. That way you will be always safe from such vultures those who spam your inbox just to sell their stuff.

Inexpensive: For developers it’s an inexpensive way to communicate data to the user because there is no Mobile Operator involved who is deciding what should you pay, no govt agency is involved, which decides when can you send and what can you send.

Across Platforms: Like sms information can be pushed across all the mobile (currently limited to Android, iOS, WP x and Blackberry) with an Internet connectivity. Thats the only price you need to pay for moving away from SMS.

Why did I start this project?

Since I am managing over 30 servers for our SMS and Toll-Free services (yes, this is my core business) I (along with my team) always needed to be updated about their status. Previously we were relying on SMS for the communication part but sending 1000s of SMS on daily basis just to inform the status start bugging me because the cost of SMS has jumped 10 times. I wanted to develop some solution, which can provide us real time updates without much of cost. While e-mail could have become a solution for this, my team doesn’t want this because apart from me none of them carrying blackberry and on iphone and android push mail is killer for the battery unless you are using a Galaxy Note :). So I start developing push based alert system for Android and it was ready in 36 hours. Then comes the WP and iPhone users and I can’t let them out (just for my own sake “programming ka keeda bura hota hai”). So, this is how I started working on this project.

Then comes my first customer, one of my oldest client. What he wanted is to replace SMS based alerts (which he is sending around 1 lakh + on daily basis) with something else. I told him about this project and he transferred a decent amount (for unlimited push license). His monthly saving is over 1 lakh rupees (calculating on current price of SMS in the market) as 15% of his clients have shifted over to this solution.


Please do visit our website at and give us your valuable feedback about the service (currently available only for Android device holders).