Send SMS 24×7 @ 8 paise

Do you want to send SMS 24×7 to all your customers? Is International SMS out of your budget?

Don’t worry! ZNI, one of the India’s leading SMS Aggregator launching Transactional route SMS @ 10 paise flat (minimum 1 lakh SMS purchase is required).

What is Transactional Gateway?

TRAI has clearly defined the transactional SMS and messages to only those categories are allowed.

How to buy?

Dial 1800-200-5777 or click here to contact.


  • 1 Lakh SMS @ Rs 10,000/-
  • 5 Lakh SMS @ Rs 50,000/-
  • 10 Lakh SMS @ Rs 98,000/-
  • 20 Lakh SMS @ Rs 1,60,000/-


  1. Promotional SMS are allowed between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM only.
  2. Transactional SMS can be sent 24×7
  3. No Sender ID or limited to 6 characters.
Other Notes
  1. Refund is not allowed.
  2. 10.3% service tax will be charged extra.
  3. Validity is till govt of  India allows those SMS and limited to TRAI’s guidelines.
  4. Unsolicited SMS sending is illegal and we do not encourage that.

Start your own Business, become ZNI’s Franchise/Channel Partner

channel partner, reseller, franchiseStarting up a technology business is now as easy as 1-2-3…

Become ZNI’s channel partner / franchise to earn huge profits with lowest investment.
Investment Details


Date Commenced Operations: 1999

Date Commenced Frachising / Distribution: 2011

Franchise Fee: Rs 1 Lakh (One Time)



North: New Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pardesh

West: Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa

EastAssam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, West Bengal, Sikkim

South: Kerala, Karnataka, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pardesh

CenterChhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand

Union Territories: Pondicherry, Chandigarh, Lakshadweep, Daman and Diu


Is there exclusive territorial rights given to a unit franchise? : Yes

Are any performance guarantees given to unit franchisees? : No

What is the anticipated percentage return on investment? : 50%

What is the likely pay back period of capital for a unit franchise? : 2-3 months

Are there other investment requirements? : 1.0 Lakh Franchisee Fee + 50 Thousand for Inventory


Property Details

What type of property is required for this franchise opportunity? : Commercial premises

Floor area requirement: 200-500 sqft . (1 Sq Meter = 10.76 Sq Ft.)

Preferred location of unit franchised outlet? : Centrally located


Training Details

Do you currently have detailed Operating Manuals for franchisees? :Yes

Where is the franchisee training done? : Head Office

Is field assistance available for franchisees? : Yes

Will someone from Head Office assist me when I open my franchise? :Yes

What IT systems do you presently have that will be included in the franchise? : Yes


Other Details

Do you have a standard Franchise Agreement? : Yes

How long is the franchise term for? : 3 years

Is the term renewable? : Yes



Ultimate Lead Generation Tool – Missed Call Based Toll Free Number

toll free lead generation

Every business has three major concerns:

  1. Generating Leads
  2. Managing Leads
  3. Converting Leads
Why are they the major concern? Because a sales process always starts from a Lead, which later converts to “Potential” and than to “Sales”.  
Without effectively managing the leads, which is the case with most of the solutions generally tends to loss of business. In most of the cases companies put their employee’s mobile number to gather leads which eventually a loss of business and correct RoI can not be measured because a person can not be available 24×7 to attend all the calls or multiple calls at a time.

ZNI’s Missed Call Based Toll-Free Numbers allows you to capture 100% leads with zero percentage of failure, which gives you 400% more RoI from your existing lead generation tool. We are capable of  handling over 600 leads per second and can expand this capacity to 6000 leads per second depending upon the client’s requirement.

Click here to learn why you need a Toll-Free CBS number?

Dial 1800-200-5777 or Contact Us


How CBS (Call Back Service) or Missed Call Lead Generation Works?

How Toll Free Call Back Service Works?

As the above given image shows our CBS has a very simple call flow and can be summed up in few simple steps.

  1. Customer places the call on your CBS number.
  2. ZNI will check your contact details from our database. If, your services are active than the call will be hanged up.
  3. Caller will get a SMS with your company name at the end. These messages are delivered 24×7 to all numbers as they aren’t unsolicited. No SPAM at all for the customer.
  4. Data will be stored in the database and an email will be send to your email ID.
  5. Data can also be accessed from ZNI’s CBS Panel i.e. Call Management Panel.



Hindi SMS, Group SMS, SMS API, Bulk SMS

Everybody is selling bulk SMS these days but we know that SMS is not a medium for spamming, it is an easier way to communicate with others therefore we are launching tiny packs for you.SMS @ Rs 300

 1000 SMS @ Rs 300/- (Do not forget to register before purchasing)


  1. Your own sender id (mobile number can be set also on International numbers)
  2. Hindi, Gujarati and other language supported
  3. Group messaging
  4. Dynamic SMS i.e. different message to different people
  5. API to use with any other application.
  6. 24×7 Support (Dial 1800-200-5777)

We are more than a SMS aggregator… we are developers at core

One of my old customer called me asked what we are doing other than selling SMS, as it is a very competitive industry and could die very soon and I replied actually we are not selling SMS, we provide a platform to the developers.

This makes one thing clear in my mind that my customers even those who are having a relationship with ZNI with over 7 years still thinks we are just a SMS vendor and they never realized (or should I say we failed to communicate them that) we are more than a SMS aggregator.


Our developer platform is very scalable and provide our developers cloud resources which they can scale up and down as per their requirement. But what are the services, which we are providing and others don’t?

To start with the most obvious we have,

1. SMS API Which allows developers to send SMS on any mobile number in India 24×7 via a simple URL push or XML based advance API.

2. DND API Since the day TRAI implements the NCCPR 2010, we allowed our associates and developers to check the NCCPR data in real time via API so that they can inform their clients beforehand about non-delivery of SMS maintaining a good reputation.

3. IVRS API Yes, very few have idea that they can use our Toll Free service with an IVRS API to control the flow of a call like informing the caller about their due balance after checking the status from a database.

4. Missed Call API Want to capture number of calls received on a telephone line while you were not there? You can use our REST based MC APIs. We use that on every holiday to let us our callers know about the holiday without spending a dime.

5. SMS Short Code API Developers looking to receive customer responses via SMS can use our SMS Short Code API for the same and can receive the responses on their applications in real time.

6, Long Code API & Software Long code is nothing but a mobile number and many vendors charging upto Rs 10,000 per month for the service but we at ZNI has launched an Android application which will turn your normal android phone into a long code gateway and its absolutely free.

If, you are starting up a mobile or SMS based service and looking for specific APIs do let me know on

I always try to simplify things as much as possible for new entrants so, that they don’t have to face all the difficulties which I have already faced in early days of my venture.

Pesky calls: Trai issues notices to 900 individuals

Telecom regulator Trai today said it has penalised 15 telemarketers till date and notices have been issued to 900 individuals and phones of 90 people has been disconnected for violating norms put in place to curb pesky calls and SMSes. Trai’s regulation to stop pesky calls and SMSes says that if an unsolicited commercial communication (UCC) originates from a subscriber who is not registered with the regulator as a telemarketer, the service provider shall issue a disconnection notice to that subscriber. It further says the phone shall be disconnected if the the subscriber continues to send such communications. In case of violation of regulation by registered telemarketers, Trai has recommended penalty ranging between Rs 25,000 to 2.5 lakh for a violation. “We at Trai are strictly dealing with these matters and will not be loose on anybody violating the regulation,” Trai Chairman Sarma JS Sarma said.

Source: Economic Times

Send SMS on DND numbers

We are getting so many queries each day where customers are asking how to send SMS on DND listed numbers since TRAI has listed very few services in transactional categories while there are many unknown services, which are dependent on the SMS to communicate with the clients like,

You can use our Android application on your mobile to send SMS on any number (DND listed or non-dnd listed 24×7). This application allows you to setup your own SMS gateway through your mobile.

Android mobile application to send sms on dnd numbers.

  1. Mobile Number Verification
  2. Data exchange services
  3. Stock and Commodity brokers
  4. Mobile VAS providers

Above mentioned are only few services, which are effected due to TRAI’s NCCPR 2010. To send SMS on DND listed numbers (only transactional SMS as defined by TRAI) please contact us. To understand what kind of messages are transactional SMS please dial 1800-200-5777.

Our plans starts from Rs 0.18 per SMS i.e. 1 Lakh SMS @ Rs 18,000 + taxes.

For more details on our plans, please visit