Bulk SMS, IVR, Call Back Service (Missed Call)

Call Back Service, IVR, SMS
Call Back Service, IVR, SMS

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Toll Free Number (1800 Series)

Get a Tollfree Incoming or CBS number with 1800 series (e.g. 1800-200-5777) to represent your brand. ZNI’s Toll Free numbers allow you start offering your customers a toll free medium to contact you, which eventually increases your leads and hence sales.

Our 1800 series plans starts from Rs 3000/- per month (for CBS as well as for Incoming). Click here to know more.

Toll Free (0522 Series) Missed Call Service (CBS)

An easy to use and effective way to increase your sales leads as well as to increase the RoI on offline campaigns. ZNI’s CBS works on Missed Call concept and log each and every call received on your number 24×7, 365 days in an year.

Offering one year of service @ Rs 3600/- ( Normal cost Rs 1000 per month)

DND Open Route SMS (24×7  Delivery, With Sender ID)

It’s not a regular SMS. Our DND Open Route allows you to send SMS even on DND listed numbers 24×7 with your own sender ID.

Special Price: 1 Lakh SMS @ Rs 18,000/-

Regular SMS (including IUC for Marketing)

Want to use SMS marketing in a legal way? Get our SMS package with auto-dnd filtering, NCCPR safe.

Special Offer Price: 10 Lakh SMS @ Rs 65,000/- (Including IUC of 5 paise per SMS).

E-mail Marketing

SMS not your cup of tea? Use one of the widely used service for customer interaction i.e. E-mail. We offer Unlimited e-mail package starting from Rs 1000 per month.

To purchase our packages kindly visit http://www.znisms.com/cart/

To get the services offline by depositing in Bank Account kindly click here.

TRAI Imposes IUC of 5 paise per SMS

It seem finally Airtel succeeded in their effort to get the indirect benefit from the bulk SMS. With immediate effect from 25th midnight TRAI has imposed an IUC of Rs 0.05 per SMS on all the SMS sent which are non-transactional as per TRAI.

Hereby we are requesting all our client to pay IUC @ Rs 0.05 per SMS on the balance remaining on their accounts. Till the time we receive the IUC from you we are temporarily blocking your account.

To know how much amount you really need to pay kindly send us a mail on billing@zni.co.in with your userid.

For details about IUC you can visit TRAI website

Bulk SMS India

Want to promote your company via SMS in legal way? We have a solution for you…

Buy any volumes in multiple of 2 lakhs @ Rs 0.021 per SMS.


2 lakh SMS @ Rs 4,200/-

4 lakh SMS @ Rs 8,400/-

10 lakh SMS @ Rs 21,000/-

with 100% delivery on valid, non-dnd registered numbers. 5 paise IUC will be charged above these rates.

Contact us now for more details from http://znisms.com/contactus.html

As per TRAI NCCPR 2010 no one is allowed to send SMS on a DND (Do not disturb registry) number for promotional purpose as well as other than the time period between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. We adhere to this policy and run all campaigns according to that, therefore you are 100% free from any legal tussle.

Daily Deals on rock bottom prices for SMS, IVR, Bulk SMS, Reseller SMS, Toll Free Numbers

We are glad to announce our new “Daily Deals” section. Here you will get deals on rock bottom prices which are available for only one day. Yes, you can only purchase items on the same day at that price.

Our daily deal offers will be open at 10:00 AM (Monday to Friday) every week and available to grab for the same day only.

The offer price will be available for only first 10 customers on the daily basis.

Bulk SMS INDIA with DND Open Route, Send SMS 24×7 to any Number (on International Numbers) @ 18p

Send Unlimited SMS @ Re 1 per SMS on any number
i.e. 1000 SMS @ Rs 1000/- 

This is our one time special offer for new customers.

Get any quantity of SMS @ Rs 0.18 per SMS and send SMS 24×7 (anytime throughout day or night, messages defined Transactional as per TRAI NCCPR 2010) to any number in India. These SMS are sent from DND Open Route through an transactional connectivity (Not for any kind of promotional activity).

Buy Now 1000 SMS @ Rs 1,000/-

Buy Now 10,000 SMS @ Rs 6,000/-

Buy Now 25,000 SMS @ Rs 7,500/-

Buy Now 50,000 SMS @ Rs 10,000/-

Buy Now 1 Lakh SMS @ Rs 18,000/-

Offer available for Bulk SMS resellers and end users both. These SMS can be used to send Critical and Transactional SMS.

Get marketing SMS @ Rs 0.075 ( 2 Lakh SMS @ Rs 15,000/-) with automatic DND filtering (IUC Included).

Call 09554220088 or mail us on tushar@zni.co.in to book your order.

Silent features of our service:

  1. 100% delivery on valid numbers (not including network issue)
  2. Govt taxes will be charged extra.
  3. Resellers will get a fully branded reseller panel for their customers.

Get our bank account details from http://znisms.com/purchaseoffline.asp


Diwali Dhamaka

Diwali Offer, Cheap SMS, IVR, Toll Free Numbers

This is the best time to cash in your customers as they are here to spend for Diwali. ZNI brings you the best offers so that you can get best out of them.

Following Offers are available:

CBS (0522 Series): One year subscription @ Rs 3600/- (Regular price Rs 12000/-)

SMS (DND Open Route for Critical Transactions) @ Rs 0.37 per SMS (Regular price Rs 0.50 per SMS)

SMS (Marketing) @ Rs 0.015 per SMS (Regular price Rs 0.021 per SMS)

Email Newsletters @ Rs 1000/- per month (100 emails per hour limit & Rs 5000/- one time setup fee)

Kindly note:

  1. Minimum purchase for DND open route is 1 Lakh SMS and on marketing route is 10 lakh SMS to get theses offers.
  2. Payment is 100% advance and is non-refundable.
  3. Offer not available for reselling (CBS).
  4. Critical route is not available for spamming or sending promotional messages.
  5. This offer is valid till 28th October only.
To know more about if you can live chat with us from http://support.znisms.com or call us on 09554220088 or dial 1800-200-5777 to get a free call back.


Developer’s API for real time checking of DND registration programmatically

[UPDATE: Service Discontinued from 19th March 2013]

Are you looking for a method from where you can check weather a number is registered in NCCPR or not before sending the SMS?

Till now this can be only done if, you are a registered tele-marketer and have downloaded the data from TRAI website which is around 800 MB with weekly updates of 100 MB (twice).

ZNI has solved this issue with a free* API for developers and website owners across India. Through this API you can tell your customer that he is registered on DND and will not receive SMS as soon as he enters the data on your form.

So, how it gonna work?

We have a REST based API i.e. a simple HTTP GET/POST request. To get started you need to register at {Free API No longer available}

here it will ask for two step registration i.e. Your name and email ID. Once you entered that that our form will provide you an API Key. Please note this key as it will be required while you send any query to our server.

Service has been discontinued.

phone = 10 digit number which you want to check. No 91, 0 or + should be included.
apikey = A special key provided to you at the time of registration.

Once you make a request our system will return one of the following code:

0 = NOT in DND
1 = Registered in DND
-1 = Error Occurred
404 = API Key is invalid
400 = Your hourly API query limit reached

Currently we allow 1000 queries per hour by a single ID and not to mention each entity is allowed only one ID.

Send Unlimited Cheap Bulk SMS and Critical SMS through API in India

So, how much are you paying? 10 paise… 5 paise…. 2 paise or 1 paise? What ever be the price you won’t going to find the offer which we are launching….

Introducing SMS Freedom Plan @ Rs 1000/- per month.

SMS freedom plan allows you to send unlimited* SMS (non promotional or marketing) to your customers via an easy to use SMS API.

API documentation can be found at http://www.znisms.com/api.html

You are free to send SMS between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM to any non-dnd listed number via your application through our SMS API.

You will just have to pay Rs 1000/- per month as the service rental charges which is valid for exact 30 days.

To pre-book your order contact us from http://www.znisms.com/contactus.html or do it online from here (you must be logged in to ZNI account.) . Service launching 20th October 2011.

Note*: Service is limited to following terms and conditions.

  1. ZNI has the right to witdraw the service without informing the customer.
  2. Fair Usage Policy (FUP) will be applicable with hourly limit of 3000 SMS, daily limit of 7000 SMS and monthly limit of 1 Lakh SMS. Above that all SMS will be charged at Rs 0.10 per SMS.
  3. ZNI has right to block your account in case of over usage.
  4. Any tax imposed by the government is payable immediately. Service tax on the service is payable extra.
  5. You can not send any promotional or marketing SMS through the service.
  6. SMS can be sent between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, without sender ID and to non DND registered numbers only as the regulation imposed by TRAI.
  7. Payment is non-refundable in any circumstances once account is created.
  8. All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of Lucknow.

Free SMS Long Code Gateway

Yes, you read it right. We are giving aways SMS Long Code gateway software for free.

How it helps you?

With the help of this software you can run a long code service/gateway on your any Android Mobile which supports WiFi Internet (obviously you must have a WiFi connection at your home/office).

Why this software is best?

Because its free, easy to implement and setup and utmost important thing you don’t have to pay your vendor every month for the service. 100% free.

How to download?

On your Android mobile marketplace search for “SMS Long Code” or “ZNI Wireless” and download the application given there.

From web you can visit https://market.android.com/developer?pub=ZNI+Wireless+Pvt+Ltd

Send SMS to any number 24×7 bypassing DND

We understand how important it is for your company to send SMS 24×7 to all your customers, vendors employees etc bypassing TRAI’s NCCPR. It is more necessity than spamming for many of our customers and so as for you.

Yes, you can send Critical enterprise SMS, Customer Feedback data, Confirmation Messages, Mobile Verification Data, Customer Password etc by this critical SMS route.

We have a 100% working solution for the same. You can use your sender ID and can send SMS 24×7 (non-promotional).

Following are the plans to subscribe for:

10000 SMS @ Rs 9000/-

1 Lakh SMS @ Rs 50,000/-

5 Lakh SMS @ Rs 2,40,000/-

10 Lakh SMS @ Rs 4,00,000/-

Government taxes will be charged extra i.e. 10.3% (service tax) in our case.

To buy click here

Note: This is a DND open route for sending any critical SMS generated by system via SMS API or Web Interface for human interaction. Share Brokers can also use this DND Open Route to send Stock Tips to their customers.