Still using SMS Short Codes? You are outdated

Yes, you got it right!! You are outdated if, you are still using SMS short codes to get customer responses / feedback.


The answer is very simple.

  1. You are charging customer Rs 3 per SMS.
  2. You are losing your potential customers who do not know how to write SMS. You are also losing customers who doesn’t know english.
  3. You are using a decade old technology.
  4. You are not allowing customers having landline to contact you.
  5. Apart from charging your customers you are also paying yearly rental for the service.

So, what’s the solution or how to upgrade?

ZNI’s CBS (Call Back Service) is a toll free solution to let your customers get connected with you.

Our CBS works on Missed Call concept. We will assign a unique number to your business and whenever any one calls on it or gives a missed call we will capture that for you. We also offer a full fledged multi-user call management panel, which will help you to track or manage your leads.

For more details please request a call back by dialing 1800-200-5777

Developers Win Rs 10,000 cash plus Services worth Rs 38,000

Are you developing for desktop OS like Windows, Mac or mobile OS like Android, iOS, WP7 than this contest is only for you.

Introducing “Develop and Win Cash” contest!! Win Rs 10,000/- in cash along with services worth Rs 38,000/- for a year by developing products and services around Missed Calls, Toll Free Numbers and SMS.

Do you know what is the best part? It’s not just the price, its the fame and money which you will earn after winning the contest. ZNI will promote your services to their over 40,000 direct customers plus to over 30,000 customers of their resellers and partners which includes some of the best and largest companies of India.

How to start?

Simply register an account at and after registration send a mail to along with your newly registered userid and a brief introduction about your self.

If, your application is qualified you will get API access for CBS (Missed Call Services) and SMS along with free resources like 1000 SMS and 1 month Free CBS number.

Once your application/service is developed you can again reach to us with its details and to nominate it in the contest.

Rest all depends upon people votes and on their interests. One lucky and talented developer will get Rs 10,000/- cash prize, fame, 5 Lakh SMS and CBS service free for one year and two other developers will get CBS service free for one year.