Fight SPAM (SMS & Calls) with our Virtual Numbers

Are you tired with SPAM (SMS & Telemarketing calls)? Did you found any solution yet? No software solution or govt regulations can keep you safe from the prying eyes of the Spammers.

So, how you can get yourself protected from them?

We have a proven solution for that and we call it “Virtual Numbers”. Just give your virtual number to everybody where you have doubt of spamming later on.

How it works?

We will provide you a virtual number say 052-23095712, now you can distribute this number to everybody from whom you don’t want to receive calls like restaurants, shops, websites etc.

When somebody calls on this number they will get a busy tone continuously and on the other hand you will get an e-mail stating the call time and the number.

And if, you really want to teach somebody a lesson than let them call on this number and keep their call on hold with music for indefinite time.

Cost: Rs 1500/- for a year with a dedicated virtual number for you.

Reseller panel for CBS and Toll-Free is now available

On popular demand we have launched CBS (Call Back Service) reseller (completely white label) plans.

Now you can offer your customers our unique offering under your own brand without disclosing that services are offered by ZNI Wireless.

For more details please feel free to contact us on or call on 1800-200-5777

Increase your leads by over 400% without paying anything extra

Have you ever calculated your RoI on the campaigns run by you either through SMS or any other medium?

The only way of calculating RoI on offline medium is through the number of leads generated. Most of the companies generally use their mobile numbers or a SMS short code to receive the leads but how effective are these mediums?

On a SMS short code a consumer need to send a premium SMS which generally costs Rs 3 while on a mobile number one has to pay STD call charges and at a time only one person can contact.

So what is the best method to get the maximum leads on a SMS or any offline campaign? It’s ZNI’s Call Back Service (CBS). Why? Because

1. Its free to your customers
2. You will pay only a fixed charge per month
3. Per second you can receive over 300 calls
4. Complete logging of data 24×7
5. 400% more lead generation than any conventional medium.

We have a live case study where a company (xyz) which was sending a crore SMS per month to generate leads were getting around 6000 to 8000 leads on multiple phone numbers while using our CBS service they got 68000 responses out of 20 lakh SMS sent in a week.

Want to try? Let us know and we will offer you one month free service. Call 18002005777

Now send SMS directly on your leads

We are planning to update our CBS panel since long and many of you also forcing us for the same as we lack very basic features on it like “Password Change”.

So, its a good news for you all… we have updated our CBS panel to include the following:

  1. Password Change
  2. Now you can change the e-mail ID of sub agent
  3. Import data from CBS panel to ZNISMS panel for sending SMS.

You can not only import the data but can also make use of it by sending informational or promotional SMS on it. We import your data in four different groups namely CBS-Interested, CBS-NotInterested, CBS-Followup and CBS-Pending.

CBS-Pending group will consist of all data which you received till date and not categorized yet.

Keep sending your feedback so that we can improve the panel further.