The Missed Call Culture

Missed Call Culture Indians loves giving missed call because

1. It’s free, as the caller don’t have to pay anything.

2. It’s fast and instant.

3. Everyone knows how to make a call

4. Another party won’t miss looking at the call.

So, how can you exploit this service?

With the traditional method of giving a missed call on a mobile developer can’t use this service while if, they get an API to retrieve the missed call details in real time developers can make many applications for example;

1. With the help of two numbers like 3095731 and 3095732 developers can make applications for tele-voting say customer dial 3095731 for “Yes” or 3095732 to “No”.

2. Developers can use the API to build a call back service like Tata Sky and Dish TV has.

3. Developers can also build games, which are based on missed calls like “Kingfisher” has a “Cricket” game.

4. Developers can also use these APIs for mobile number verifications.

The opportunities are limit less and depend only upon the creativity of the entrepreneurs and developers.

ZNI Wireless ( providing missed call numbers for Rs 1000/- per month or Rs 10,000/- for a year (two months free).

Some companies may not want to use a local number like 0522-3095777 than in case they could use ZNI’s toll-free numbers which are based on 1800 series like 1800-200-5777. Please feel free to contact on 09554220088 or mail on if you need further details.

Get Unlimited Free SMS

Yes, thats true… Now you can send unlimited free SMS from with following features:

  1. No Ads at all
  2. Instant Delivery
  3. Full 160 characters
  4. Send Long SMS upto 900 characters as a single SMS
  5. Send SMS in group, up to 5000 people at a time
  6. Hindi and other regional languages are also supported
  7. 24×7 support
  8. Dynamic SMS, SMS Coupons etc

All this and much more without paying a single paise for the SMS. Yes, ZNI has launched 100% free SMS service for the users of India.

How it will work?

You may have heard a phrase “No Free Lunch” i.e. for every service their is some cost involved in it. Some recovers it from advertisement and some by charging for the SMS but ZNI does neither to recover the cost. We want you to become our partner and earn free SMS life long without doing much work.

What you have to do is simply promote the ZNISMS site through an affiliate link e.g.

here, afl=demo will be replaced by your ZNISMS userid. To get an userid and your personalized link kindly register at and then login to the control panel. On the home page itself you will get your personalized promotion link.

Whenever somebody clicks on the link promoted by you will earn you a SMS credit. For an example you have promoted the link on and 1000 people clicked on that link, then you will get 1000 SMS credits in your account and thats too in real time.

How to do that?

Once you have created the account and recovered your promotional link than put that link at the bottom of every email you sent. The best way is to save that link as your e-mail signature so that it will automatically appended in all mails.

Put that link on every blog or forum you make a comment. Promote it on different websites, social networks like twitter, facebook etc so, that you will gain maximum clicks on your link.

Kindly note we record all such clicks and you are not allowed to generate fake traffic by clicking the link yourself or through some nexus. In such event your account will get blocked automatically.

For more information please feel free to mail us at