Feel the real power of SMS

Most of the time when we send mailers to our customers we offer some good volume discounts but this time we want you to know how you can harness the power of SMS through ZNI special features like Global Groups, SMS Alerts, Reminders, SMS Schedulers, Redemption based coupons, Newsletter management software and our latest product Digital Marketing.

Our most of the products are paid except mText.in (mobile application available on Android Market) for sending unlimited free SMS (with a small ad of ours, and no group SMS facility) for personal use, SMS Reminders (where you can set meetings, birthday or anniversary reminders free of cost), SMS Alerts (for free alerts from any blog or news site in the world) and Toll-Free SMS (Scrap Me) which allows you to receive SMS messages from your website users/visitors. All above mentioned services are completely free and you won’t be charged a single paisa to use them.

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Apart from the above mentioned free services we have some really cool features also available to our paid subscribers like;

Newsletter Management Service (New Service)

Do you want to send regular e-mail to your customers informing about the new offers, services launched or tips about how to use your services? We provide a solution, which lets you send millions of e-mails daily.

Digital Marketing (New Service)

In times when barely optimizing the website is not enough, online marketing definitely needs a lot more creative and innovative search engine marketing processes have that edge to help you in creating an everlasting and valued online presence for your business.

Moreover we just do not follow traditions in SEO, we design and plan your online marketing campaign to ensure greater online visibility for your business in all major search engines. To know more about digital marketing please contact Ms Stuti (stuti@zni.co.in)

SMS Coupons

You can send coupons to your targeted customers, which could be redeemable or generic. Sending coupons is the best way to increase inflow of calls or footfalls in your shop where a customer comes in a hope to get a better discount from the market.

Global Lists

A free way to build up your database of existing and prospect clients. ZNI’s Global List eliminates the need of getting a paid shortcode from a service provider like ZNI to get prospect customer details. More can be checked about global lists from here.

Dynamic SMS

Many times you may want to send different SMS to different people at one go and this can be achieved through our Dynamic SMS service. Just upload an excel file with contents on different columns and follow the steps given on the site.

Language SMS

Send SMS in more than 17 languages to your customer, which includes all major languages used in India. Let the customer feel that you care about them.

Long SMS (EMS)

With our EMS service you will never be bounded with 160 characters length limit. We allow you to send SMS upto 900 characters long.

On Screen SMS (Flash SMS)

How many times you want to send a very important message that needs immediate attention of the customer? In case of SMS one needs to open his inbox to check the message but with flash SMS you can directly display the message on the customer’s mobile screen.

To get a trial of the services visit http://www.znisms.com/cart/

Kindly note our support URL has been changed to http://support.znisms.com and our support number is 0522-4105431 (available between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Saturday). You can also mail your support queries to support@zni.co.in

Now send unlimited free SMS from your Android phone

Yes, now you can send unlimited free SMS anywhere in India from your mobile through our Android mobile application @ mtext.in

mtext from Android Market

To download the App just point your QR Code reader to above image and follow the onscreen instructions.

mText.in app will allow you to send unlimited free SMS with your own mobile number as the sender ID so that the recipients can send the reply back directly on your mobile. You can also choose Android Phone contacts to send SMS on their listed number.

This app is in alpha stage and could have many bugs in it.