Free SMS alerts on your mobile

How about getting free SMS alerts on your mobile from your choice of site and blogs? Check previously it was

ZNI Alert services will provide you a platform to get instant SMS alerts from your choice of website as the news happened. So, no matter what your interest is we have a Alert for you. You can also check our Alerts directory to start with from

Every alert sent by our system will also contain a short link of the source so that you can check the news in its full glory. Please be assured you will not get any advertisement from our side in the SMS.

You can set one alert source free of cost and for extra sources (max of 10) you will be charged Rs 30/- per month or Rs 360/- per year.

Become a Mobile VAS provider with no upfront cost

Mobile VAS industry is one of the most lucrative and high revenue generating industry but the entry cost is very high due to different infrastructural costs and royalties to be paid to the content providers. By Mobile VAS we don’t mean sending Bulk SMS, that just a part of it here we are talking about content delivery.

ZNI has some really cool tools which allows you to become a content provider in just no time and without any upfront cost.

Lets take a case where as a content provider you want to send lifestyle tips to your users for Rs 30/- per month. In such a case few points needs to be remember

  1. You need to collect Rs 30/- per month or yearly from the customer
  2. There should be some way for user to subscribe and unsubscribe from your list by users
  3. A way to send regular SMS to your list subscribers

While payment collection should be handled by you or we can do that for you on a share basis (thats a different story and I am not discussing that over here), point 2nd and 3rd will be completely handled from our end.

So, how to start? First you need to be a registered user of ZNISMS (register from than login to the control panel (from Once you are successfully logged in you can see a top navigation link “Incoming SMS”, click on that.

On the very next page you will be asked to create a Global Group. Enter the desired group name (please remember to choose it very carefully because this will be the name which your users will use to subscribe for your services). Click on “Create Global Group” button. Once it is successfully created you can see it on “Manage Groups” link on the top navigation bar. Say, you have created a group “lifestyle“. Now you need to promote your group so that people can join it. A subscriber can join the group by sending

JOIN lifestyle tushar bhargava to 5607008

where, JOIN is our keyword which tell our system that this user wants to join a group named “lifestyle”. Kindly note there is a blank (white) space between the JOIN, group name and the user’s name. So, here we have three parameters which a user need to send

  1. Main keyword i.e. JOIN
  2. Group Name (in this case “lifestyle”)
  3. Customer’s Name (this will be the name of customer who is sending the SMS)

Once you have pretty good subscriber base you can start sending SMS from our “Send SMS” link given on the top navigation bar. Just select group (by clicking on it where it is listed), type your message and click on send SMS button. It is as simple as that.

Providing paid contents is not an easy task but you can always provide ads with your content and thats how mobile app industry is currently growing.

Any query? Do send me on

Free Incoming SMS service in India

Do you know ZNISMS has one free Incoming SMS facility? Yes, our incoming SMS facility is completely free and you will not be charged for any incoming SMS or any monthly rental for shortcode Keywords which is charged by other service providers.

To activate the service login to control panel from and than click on “incoming SMS” link. Create a global group from that page and than promote your group to receive incoming SMS.

To receive an incoming SMS ask your users to send

JOIN your-group-name

Launching Unlimited E-mail Solution

ZNI always try to provide 360 degree marketing solution to the customers so, that from a single point our users can enjoy the highest RoI (Return on Investment). Continuing our efforts in this regard we are launching UNLIMITED E-mail service.

Now, you can send unlimited number of e-mails to your customers round the clock with your offers, tips and tricks, press releases etc.

We don’t promote sending unsolicited messages (or SPAM) and advice our users to limit themselves from being a Spammer whether it is for SMS or IVR or E-mail.

We only provide unlimited e-mail plans i.e. you are not required to pay per e-mail or on per user basis.

Our system provides Subscribing/Unsubscribing feature, bounce processing, unlimited groups, importing users from CSV, Text and from other databases. You can also include dynamic contents in your mailing lists apart from Images, HTML (tables and formatting). We can even track number of users opened your e-mail.

All these features are available only for Rs 3000/- per month.

Kindly note: We do not allow sending SPAM emails and hence will block the account immediately if, found doing so.

Do check our Global Group feature on our ZNISMS control panel.

Launching Unlimited SMS Packs

We are glad to announce new affordable unlimited plans for everyone i.e. send unlimited SMS to your Global list users for a fixed price. Forget about paying per SMS instead pay per user. Following are our introductory plans, which will get increased for new subscribers after 6th November 2010.

No of Users Price per Month
100 Rs 3,000
500 Rs 15,000
1000 Rs 30,000

Yes, we are not talking about per SMS its all about per user as we are not limiting you on the number of messages you can send per day to your subscribers. You are free to send unlimited SMS per day to your customers.

This service works with our “Global List” feature, which allows you to cerate dynamic groups by asking your customers to opt-in for your SMS. Subscribers can opt-in for your SMS by sending

JOIN your-group-name to 5607008

And your customers can also unsubscribe from the group by sending

REM your-group-name to 5607008

Since addition and deletion of members is fully automated and managed by mobile users themselves your messages will not be scrubbed against the DND list and you will be free to send SMS to any number in India, which is in your “Global Group”.

All messages will be sent through a priority route and thus delivery will be almost instant.

You can create unlimited global groups but only one global group can be attached with this plan and all other groups will use your existing credits. If, your Global Group exceeds its user limit than only the allowed number of users will receive the SMS e.g. If, you have subscribed for 100 users plan and you have 200 users in your Global group than only first 100 users will get your SMS.

You can create “Global Groups” from “Incoming SMS” link given under Control Panel at

Use SMS in your Gym or Health Club

Usage of SMS in a Gym or Health Club

  • Send health or exercise tips and advice
  • Promote events
  • Send reminders on trainings, new services
  • Send notifications on any changes, appointments
  • Use SMS messages to check-in
  • Keep contact with clients
  • Let members exchange tips and opinions on SMS forums
  • Send them healthcare and lifestyle advice
  • Send reminders on membership renewals
  • Send notifications if the payment is due
  • Introduce mobile marketing into your marketing strategy to popularize your services and events
  • Provide mobile coupons for members
  • Send SMS invitations for new trainings, services, events
  • SMS Coupons

    Where to find?

    Control Panel > Send SMS > Coupons

    What is SMS Coupons?

    SMS Coupon is a very unique feature of ZNISMS which allows you to send your customers either redeemable coupons or walk-in coupons.

    Coupons are of two type

    1. Redeemable coupons
    2. Walk-in non redeemable coupons

    Redeemable coupons are for only for single use and they generally used to send offers to some elite customers which are limited in numbers. Once the customer redeems his coupon it will be marked as redeemed and it won’t be again redeemed or used by anyone else or by the customer himself.

    While in the case of non-redeemable coupons they are most used to increase the walk-ins in the store with a general discount offer which is available to everyone and it can be used multiple times. This type of coupons can be shared by the user to their friends and relatives which eventually increase the footfalls on your store.

    Global Lists – Free Incoming SMS Service

    Do not send SPAM, let the user opt-in for your messages

    It’s a general belief that sending unsolicited messages and making voice calls are bad for business and its true in most of the cases as it makes a bad impact on the customer’s mind and they become reluctant in sharing their details just to safeguard them from future nuisance of SMS spamming.

    So, what’s the best way to get the customer attention without sending SPAMs? The best way is to provide customers an option of OPT-IN list (just like Do Call list) that way only interested customers will join the list and it will also save your money as in future you will send SMS only to those who are really interested in the services.

    So, how to provide such SMS based opt-in list? To provide a SMS based opt-in list, is really a difficult task and indulge lot of time and money, as you will need a short code keyword, list management software and time to mange the lists. Other simple method is to use ZNISMS “Global Lists”.

    “Global List” launched by ZNISMS is one of its kind product in the market which manages your SMS opt-in lists as well as let you send the messages whenever you want to send. Global Lists provide two keywords JOIN to subscribe and REM to unsubscribe from a Global List. Once the user sends REM with group name from which he/she needs to unsubscribe they will not get another messages from the list owner.

    Lets take an example, say you are a service provider who provides Cricket Alerts for ongoing matches and you have made a global group in ZNISMS named CRICKET. Now whenever your customers needs to subscribe to your list they will send

    JOIN CRICKET to 5607008

    and if, somebody really tired of your SMS based alerts they can easily unsubscribe from the list by sending

    REM CRICKET to 5607008

    There are few benefits of SMS based opt-in lists:

    1. You are saving lot of money by sending SMS only to interested people.
    2. You will not get any complaints for sending unsolicited messages as they all have subscribed to service by themselves.
    3. You don’t need to scrub your data with DND (National Do Not Call Registry) as the customer subscribed the service.
    4. Everything will be managed on ZNISMS servers therefore you can access your lists anytime from anywhere.

    That’s not all as an administrator of your list you can always add and remove numbers from the control panel. While removing of numbers is OK, adding numbers to the lists by yourself is not recommended, as it will land you in trouble of sending unsolicited message.

    How to ask users to add themselves to your SMS opt-in list?

    I know customers doesn’t feel comfortable in sharing their mobile numbers with any company but they can if, you offer them some cool benefits like discount coupons, special offers etc and assure them that you will not send regular messages and it will be limited only to occasional offers.

    Opt-In vs Mass SMS (Spamming)?

    You might be getting this in your mind that if, you limit yourself only to opt-in list then it could limit your conversion rate also… but that’s not the case. Opt-in users tends to provide more conversion rate than the users those who don’t intend to receive your promotional offer.

    Answer one question… what will a user do with a nappy ad who isn’t married yet? Or what will a male user do with a ladies slippers ad?

    It’s always better to provide information and discounts coupons to a person who is interested in your services rather than sending to a person who will just discard the message.


    Hello world! Our First Post :)

    Welcome to ZNISMS. India’s leading Bulk SMS services and gateway provider with overall user base of 30,000.

    Some of the services offered by ZNI Wireless are:

    • Bulk and Group SMS
    • SMS Gateway service (SMPP, HTTP (REST), XML (SOAP), Desktop)
    • Global Groups (Subscription based SMS lists)
    • SMS Coupons (Send redeemable coupons and send directly to the customers)
    • Toll Free SMS (
    • Dynamic and Excel SMS
    • Flash & Long (EMS) SMS upto 900 characters
    • Hindi and other language SMS