Buy a toll free number in india

Buy a tollfree number

There are only two ways to buy a tollfree number for your business

  1. Buying directly from an operator
  2. Buying from an aggregator like ZNI.

But the major difference between the two are the level of services and Value Added Features you will get. Operators like Airtel, Reliance or BSNL will give you a vanilla service i.e. a Toll-Free number mapped to their landline or PRI installed at your end but they are very costly and very limited in the term of usage. You can not use value added services like real time call logs, IVR services, SMS alerts and bunch of other features offered by aggregators like, which are offering the services at a fraction of cost what these operators are offering.

Tollfree numbers are branding tools, they give you much needed brand recognition and recall value among your customers and target demographics.

For more details on how to get more out of your tollfree 1800 number call 09554443322 or 1800-200-5777 or to buy them instantly visit here.

Toll Free Numbers Reseller Plan in India

Now earn Rs 50,000+ per month just by reselling Toll-Free numbers and plans offered by ZNI (

You, don’t have to take pain of customer service, documentations or after sales support as every thing will be handled by Ziffy and you can put all your efforts on closing the deal.

Sell any plan, which are available online on and earn great margins on the deals. For more details please call on 090440-37837 or SMS your details on this number and you will get a call back.

Online SMS vs Phone Based SMS Gateway

Year 1:

Online Phone Based
No of deivice 0 10
Modem Cost 0 50000
Licesnse Cost 0 12000
SMS Cost 0.25 0.05
SMS per day 1000 1000
No of days 365 365
SMS per month (30) 30416 30416
SMS per year 365000 365000
Cost of sms 91250 18250
Investment 91250 80250

Year 2:

Online Phone Based
No of deivice 0 0
Modem Cost 0 0
Licesnse Cost 0 9000
SMS Cost 0.25 0.05
SMS per day 1000 1000
No of days 365 365
SMS per month (30) 30416 30416
SMS per year 365000 365000
Cost of sms 91250 18250
Investment 91250 27250


  1. You are sending 1000 SMS per day (1st 100 SMS are cheaper i.e. 5 paise)
  2. Since your daily usage is 1000 SMS and first 100 SMS per SIM are cheaper therefore we are using 10 devices.
  3. Each device costs Rs 5000 (though Rs 4000 device from Intex and Karbon are already in the market).
  4. Software license cost is per year for our Android application. Renewals are 25% discounted.
  5. In market transactional SMS are charged at around 25 paise to 35 paise for less than 1 lakh volume per month. We are taking 25 paise (on lower side).
  6. In 2nd year the difference is huge and will recover your investment on devices also.


Phone based SMS though our Android application is a clear winner here as total investment for 3,65,000 SMS in a year you are paying Rs 80,250/- vs Rs 91,250/- for an online service and in second year the difference is over 4 times.

Few other advantages of Mobile SMS Software:

  1. No pre-paid model. You are paying to your vendor on post-paid basis so no initial investment for a long term.
  2. You are paying to your vendor only for delivered SMS unlike online SMS services.
  3. No restriction over the service.









Subscription widget for your website

As we are becoming one stop hub for digital communication between a business and their consumers, we are working hard to provide more features and value addition to our customers. One such step is “Subscription Module for Websites”.

With subscription module you can start a life long communication bridge between your business and your customers or website visitors.

This widget allows you to accept customer’s name, mobile and email and then it automatically adds them in to a pre-defined group. From a single interface you can send SMS as well as bulk email on this group anytime you want.

This widget contains few lines of HTML code, which can be changed and modified to match your website design and can be implemented in few minutes.


<script type="text/javascript" 
<div id="showSMSMsg"></div>
<form name="quickSMS">
Name: <input name="recName" type="text"/><br/>
Mobile: <input name="recMobile" type="text"/><br/>
Email: <input name="recMsg" type="text"/><br/>
<input name="recGName" value="14d556c0-1dc1-11e2-a991-095ebe9fe18a"
<input type="button" name="sendqmsg" value="Subscribe"
 onClick="return quickSMSSend();" id="sendqmsg"/>

As you can see its a few line of code to be pasted on your webpage and you can add CSS and other design elements to spice it up.

You can get the code for your account from “Manage Group” section under the control panel. Login from here

Bulk Email and SMS from a single panel

Yes, now you can send bulk e-mail apart from the SMS from web panel. A single interface for both the services.

Use your SMS credits to send e-mail messages too with over 90% inbox delivery.

Few of our bulk email features are:

  1. Easy to use interface
  2. Use credits to send SMS or E-mail.
  3. Over 90% inbox delivery.
  4. Automatic tracking of bounced mails and subscriptions.
  5. Once a person un-subscribed or e-mail is bounced then we will not charge for those e-mails again and e-mails will not be sent on those ids. This is required for better inbox delivery.
  6. Send up to 1 lakh e-mails at a time.
Don’t wait start sending e-mails now. 1 Lakh e-mail (or SMS) package @ Rs 8000/- only. Register now

DND Open Route SMS through Android Mobile Application

  • Do you want to send SMS on DND listed numbers?
  • Do you have opt-in users but still you can’t send SMS on their numbers?
  • Do you feel SMS aggregators are charging too much for transactional SMS?
  • Do you have unlimited SMS plan from your mobile service provider?

If for any of the above question your answer is “Yes”, then you need our Android Mobile application.

What is it?

Our Android mobile application is a combination of our Web based Interface and a mobile application.

Where your mobile will be treated as a gateway and will use your mobile service plan for sending SMS i.e. if you have unlimited free SMS in your plan or even 1 paise per SMS than you will not be charged any thing extra for sending SMS.

Since creating groups on a mobile phone is a very tedious job as you have to enter every number manually and your mobile SMS application also not support sending more than 20 SMS at a time.

However with our application you can create your groups on a web interface by visiting and by importing contacts from excel, csv or even from text file and then our mobile application fetch those groups along with the message to be sent and will send SMS to all those numbers. We have tried sending up to 10000 SMS at a time from a single group without any problem.

Where to get the application?

Once the application is downloaded on your mobile, visit and create an account and after that login from to send SMS through web interface using your mobile.

Hindi SMS, Group SMS, SMS API, Bulk SMS

Everybody is selling bulk SMS these days but we know that SMS is not a medium for spamming, it is an easier way to communicate with others therefore we are launching tiny packs for you.SMS @ Rs 300

 1000 SMS @ Rs 300/- (Do not forget to register before purchasing)


  1. Your own sender id (mobile number can be set also on International numbers)
  2. Hindi, Gujarati and other language supported
  3. Group messaging
  4. Dynamic SMS i.e. different message to different people
  5. API to use with any other application.
  6. 24×7 Support (Dial 1800-200-5777)

We are more than a SMS aggregator… we are developers at core

One of my old customer called me asked what we are doing other than selling SMS, as it is a very competitive industry and could die very soon and I replied actually we are not selling SMS, we provide a platform to the developers.

This makes one thing clear in my mind that my customers even those who are having a relationship with ZNI with over 7 years still thinks we are just a SMS vendor and they never realized (or should I say we failed to communicate them that) we are more than a SMS aggregator.


Our developer platform is very scalable and provide our developers cloud resources which they can scale up and down as per their requirement. But what are the services, which we are providing and others don’t?

To start with the most obvious we have,

1. SMS API Which allows developers to send SMS on any mobile number in India 24×7 via a simple URL push or XML based advance API.

2. DND API Since the day TRAI implements the NCCPR 2010, we allowed our associates and developers to check the NCCPR data in real time via API so that they can inform their clients beforehand about non-delivery of SMS maintaining a good reputation.

3. IVRS API Yes, very few have idea that they can use our Toll Free service with an IVRS API to control the flow of a call like informing the caller about their due balance after checking the status from a database.

4. Missed Call API Want to capture number of calls received on a telephone line while you were not there? You can use our REST based MC APIs. We use that on every holiday to let us our callers know about the holiday without spending a dime.

5. SMS Short Code API Developers looking to receive customer responses via SMS can use our SMS Short Code API for the same and can receive the responses on their applications in real time.

6, Long Code API & Software Long code is nothing but a mobile number and many vendors charging upto Rs 10,000 per month for the service but we at ZNI has launched an Android application which will turn your normal android phone into a long code gateway and its absolutely free.

If, you are starting up a mobile or SMS based service and looking for specific APIs do let me know on

I always try to simplify things as much as possible for new entrants so, that they don’t have to face all the difficulties which I have already faced in early days of my venture.

Pesky calls: Trai issues notices to 900 individuals

Telecom regulator Trai today said it has penalised 15 telemarketers till date and notices have been issued to 900 individuals and phones of 90 people has been disconnected for violating norms put in place to curb pesky calls and SMSes. Trai’s regulation to stop pesky calls and SMSes says that if an unsolicited commercial communication (UCC) originates from a subscriber who is not registered with the regulator as a telemarketer, the service provider shall issue a disconnection notice to that subscriber. It further says the phone shall be disconnected if the the subscriber continues to send such communications. In case of violation of regulation by registered telemarketers, Trai has recommended penalty ranging between Rs 25,000 to 2.5 lakh for a violation. “We at Trai are strictly dealing with these matters and will not be loose on anybody violating the regulation,” Trai Chairman Sarma JS Sarma said.

Source: Economic Times