Transactional SMS For Order Confirmation

Every e-commerce business depends upon the trust of their users. They need to build trust with them in every possible area and step. One simple thing is informing the customer that they have received the order and it will be shipped soon along with the order confirmation code.

This can be done with znisms transactional SMS service for sending order confirmations.

As it can be seen your customer will get the SMS along with an order confirmation number on his registered mobile through the API, which can be integrated on your website. We guarantee timely delivery and instant delivery report so that you can be sure that your customer get the information, which you have just sent.

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What is Transactional SMS

In India the top government body (TRAI), which handles telecommunication has specifically defined the transactional SMS.

 Transactional SMS means a message containing only:

  1. Information sent to its customer(s) by the Bank or financial institution or insurance company or credit card company or Access Provider pertaining to the account of that customer(s).
  2. Information given by Airlines or Indian Railways or its authorized agencies to its passengers regarding travel schedules, ticket booking and reservation.
  3. Information from a registered educational institution to parents or guardians of its students.
  4. Any other message as may be specified by the Authority, from time to time as “Transactional message”.

Later TRAI allowed few more services under the transactional SMS category like:-

  1. Messages sent by companies to their employees.
  2. Messages sent by the companies to their customers informing about their account status, shipping status, etc. However, these messages should not contain any promotional content.
  3. Messages sent from a machine (after some algorithmic calculations) like a user received a message, the machine stopped working i.e. Machine-to-Person.
  4. Customers explicitly asked for the information.
  5. Customer registration information, registration or validation codes, etc. sent by websites.

Unlike promotional SMS you can send transactional SMS 24×7 and 365 days a year. There are no limitations on how many SMS you can send or at what time you can send. Also, transactional SMS can be sent on NCCPR (National Commercial Communication Preference Registry) registered numbers.

So, if you are looking to send such kind of information to your users via SMS then you can use our transactional SMS service. For more details please feel free to contact us from here.

Subscription widget for your website

As we are becoming one stop hub for digital communication between a business and their consumers, we are working hard to provide more features and value addition to our customers. One such step is “Subscription Module for Websites”.

With subscription module you can start a life long communication bridge between your business and your customers or website visitors.

This widget allows you to accept customer’s name, mobile and email and then it automatically adds them in to a pre-defined group. From a single interface you can send SMS as well as bulk email on this group anytime you want.

This widget contains few lines of HTML code, which can be changed and modified to match your website design and can be implemented in few minutes.


<script type="text/javascript" 
<div id="showSMSMsg"></div>
<form name="quickSMS">
Name: <input name="recName" type="text"/><br/>
Mobile: <input name="recMobile" type="text"/><br/>
Email: <input name="recMsg" type="text"/><br/>
<input name="recGName" value="14d556c0-1dc1-11e2-a991-095ebe9fe18a"
<input type="button" name="sendqmsg" value="Subscribe"
 onClick="return quickSMSSend();" id="sendqmsg"/>

As you can see its a few line of code to be pasted on your webpage and you can add CSS and other design elements to spice it up.

You can get the code for your account from “Manage Group” section under the control panel. Login from here

Become a Mobile VAS provider with no upfront cost

Mobile VAS industry is one of the most lucrative and high revenue generating industry but the entry cost is very high due to different infrastructural costs and royalties to be paid to the content providers. By Mobile VAS we don’t mean sending Bulk SMS, that just a part of it here we are talking about content delivery.

ZNI has some really cool tools which allows you to become a content provider in just no time and without any upfront cost.

Lets take a case where as a content provider you want to send lifestyle tips to your users for Rs 30/- per month. In such a case few points needs to be remember

  1. You need to collect Rs 30/- per month or yearly from the customer
  2. There should be some way for user to subscribe and unsubscribe from your list by users
  3. A way to send regular SMS to your list subscribers

While payment collection should be handled by you or we can do that for you on a share basis (thats a different story and I am not discussing that over here), point 2nd and 3rd will be completely handled from our end.

So, how to start? First you need to be a registered user of ZNISMS (register from than login to the control panel (from Once you are successfully logged in you can see a top navigation link “Incoming SMS”, click on that.

On the very next page you will be asked to create a Global Group. Enter the desired group name (please remember to choose it very carefully because this will be the name which your users will use to subscribe for your services). Click on “Create Global Group” button. Once it is successfully created you can see it on “Manage Groups” link on the top navigation bar. Say, you have created a group “lifestyle“. Now you need to promote your group so that people can join it. A subscriber can join the group by sending

JOIN lifestyle tushar bhargava to 5607008

where, JOIN is our keyword which tell our system that this user wants to join a group named “lifestyle”. Kindly note there is a blank (white) space between the JOIN, group name and the user’s name. So, here we have three parameters which a user need to send

  1. Main keyword i.e. JOIN
  2. Group Name (in this case “lifestyle”)
  3. Customer’s Name (this will be the name of customer who is sending the SMS)

Once you have pretty good subscriber base you can start sending SMS from our “Send SMS” link given on the top navigation bar. Just select group (by clicking on it where it is listed), type your message and click on send SMS button. It is as simple as that.

Providing paid contents is not an easy task but you can always provide ads with your content and thats how mobile app industry is currently growing.

Any query? Do send me on

Use SMS in your Gym or Health Club

Usage of SMS in a Gym or Health Club

  • Send health or exercise tips and advice
  • Promote events
  • Send reminders on trainings, new services
  • Send notifications on any changes, appointments
  • Use SMS messages to check-in
  • Keep contact with clients
  • Let members exchange tips and opinions on SMS forums
  • Send them healthcare and lifestyle advice
  • Send reminders on membership renewals
  • Send notifications if the payment is due
  • Introduce mobile marketing into your marketing strategy to popularize your services and events
  • Provide mobile coupons for members
  • Send SMS invitations for new trainings, services, events