CBS (Toll Free Missed Call) & Festive Season

Festive season is coming and in India this is the best season for companies to generate their revenues. Some companies even generate revenues, which compensiate the whole year losses.

So, how are you planning to go this year….

1. Run contests, let your customers register for it through giving a missed call on a pre-defined CBS number (tollfree) and at the time of announcing winner they have to show their receipt of purchase.

2. Promoting through SMS, Television, Newspapers etc is a nice way to catch the attention of buyers but how will they contact you? Ask them to give a missed call on a CBS number and then call them back in few minutes.

3. Allow your customers to reach you on a Toll-free number (1800 series)

4. Offer discount coupons: ask them to give a missed call on a CBS number and in return send them some discount coupon.

CBS (Missed Call Lead Generation) and Real Estate

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Use Case

A builder promoting his under constructed property through a full page ad on Time of India where they have mentioned 10 different mobile number of their employees for the interested customers.

The problems:

1. They can not handle the sudden burst of calls in a short period of time because a mobile can only handle one call at a time.

2. Not every one can talk continuously and track the leads.

3. They will not be available 24×7. After working hours all calls will be missed.

The Solution:

On our CBS callers just need to give a missed call and that’s too on a 1800 series number (which eventually build their brand). All calls will be logged as we are able to handle over 1000 calls per second.

With our CRM application they can track the communication held with the interested party, put a follow up date and promote special offers with just a simple click.

Management can also check the campaign response ratio and their employees output. Possibilites are limit less…

Appointment Management for Doctors via Missed Calls

One thing can be used in many ways and it all depends on the imagination of creators/developers or an Entrepreneur.

Ever wonder Doctors can also use Missed Call Service to facilitate their patients about the appointment schedule?

Yes, with few lines of codes one can implement the Appointment management in their existing software. We have full REST based APIs for that.

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