Toll Free Number on Monthly Basis



Now get a toll free number for your business on monthly basis. No heavy or 12 months investment.

Now pay monthly without binding yourself in to a long term contract. Use it for a month or three months or for years all depends upon you.

Ziffy is proud to launch monthly toll-free plans in association with our service providers (Vodafone, BSNL and Reliance). Now you don’t have to pay up-front for a whole year to get a toll free number for your business.

Transactional SMS For Order Confirmation

Every e-commerce business depends upon the trust of their users. They need to build trust with them in every possible area and step. One simple thing is informing the customer that they have received the order and it will be shipped soon along with the order confirmation code.

This can be done with znisms transactional SMS service for sending order confirmations.

As it can be seen your customer will get the SMS along with an order confirmation number on his registered mobile through the API, which can be integrated on your website. We guarantee timely delivery and instant delivery report so that you can be sure that your customer get the information, which you have just sent.

For more details please feel free to contact us.


What is Transactional SMS

In India the top government body (TRAI), which handles telecommunication has specifically defined the transactional SMS.

 Transactional SMS means a message containing only:

  1. Information sent to its customer(s) by the Bank or financial institution or insurance company or credit card company or Access Provider pertaining to the account of that customer(s).
  2. Information given by Airlines or Indian Railways or its authorized agencies to its passengers regarding travel schedules, ticket booking and reservation.
  3. Information from a registered educational institution to parents or guardians of its students.
  4. Any other message as may be specified by the Authority, from time to time as “Transactional message”.

Later TRAI allowed few more services under the transactional SMS category like:-

  1. Messages sent by companies to their employees.
  2. Messages sent by the companies to their customers informing about their account status, shipping status, etc. However, these messages should not contain any promotional content.
  3. Messages sent from a machine (after some algorithmic calculations) like a user received a message, the machine stopped working i.e. Machine-to-Person.
  4. Customers explicitly asked for the information.
  5. Customer registration information, registration or validation codes, etc. sent by websites.

Unlike promotional SMS you can send transactional SMS 24×7 and 365 days a year. There are no limitations on how many SMS you can send or at what time you can send. Also, transactional SMS can be sent on NCCPR (National Commercial Communication Preference Registry) registered numbers.

So, if you are looking to send such kind of information to your users via SMS then you can use our transactional SMS service. For more details please feel free to contact us from here.

Transactional SMS API

What is API and how it will work?

API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to integrate ZNI SMS services into your own application for better control and functionality required by you. For example you are using Oracle (as a backend to keep your data) and want to send SMS to all of your customers who have joined you after 1st of May 2009. There are two ways to perform this task either you run a query and then upload all the data on our server and then send or else you can use our API to push the SMS directly from your own application.

We have platform independent APIs therefore you can use them with any OS and on any programming language like ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, Ruby on Rails etc. Currently we support single SMS API (HTTP API based on REST), Group SMS API (XML API).

Our XML SMS API supports two methods One to Many and Many to Many. Please download the API documentation (PDF format) to check the implementation guide and methods supported.

HTTP API:  This API is used to send single SMS from your application. It’s just an URL which you should call to send SMS.

XML API: This API is best suited for sending SMS in masses e.g. you have a messages which you want to send to 1000 people i.e. same message to multiple recipients, in this case you can use this API.

Dynamic XML API: Many times you need to send customized SMS i.e. different numbers, different messages in masses. This API is best suited for this kind of situations.

Balance Check API: Use this API to check the balance of your account any time with expiry date.

Delivery Report API: This API shall be used to check the delivery status of your SMS (if, supported by your plan).

You can download the API document from here

Bulk SMS Gateway

As a developer or business owner many times you may need a functionality where you want to send SMS to your users be it for sending login details, new password, important information, sale or purchase information or just a promotional SMS to your registered users.

There are multiple ways of performing such a task like:

  1. Do it yourself via your mobile one by one. This is tiresome even for few 100 messages and not at all feasible.
  2. Use some SMS aggregators like or some other as there are tons of them but the major issue with this that you need to invest in it by taking large volume of SMS from them in bulk where you might need just 1000 or more SMS. They ask you to buy in bulk with long validity period but you may never be sure would they be their for that much of period as many of them are mere a reseller of some big aggregator and running the services just for pocket money.
  3. Outsource to someone else. Is this really reliable method?
  4. Buy a SMS modem costs around Rs 75,000/- (USD 1000/-), hook it on a PC, buy a software license and send it through that. Do you think you will take that much pain just for sending few 1000 SMS?

Or else you can use your Android mobile with our small app ( This app will turn your android mobile into fully functional SMS gateway, which can handle from 100 SMS to millions of SMS at a time. The best of all it’s free for first month and after that just USD 25 (Rs 1200/-) per year.

Advance users with high usage requirement can build load balancing cluster with multiple mobiles and they all work in tandem with automatic load balancing. You can even set limit per mobile i.e. how many SMS can be sent from a mobile in a month. This feature is really useful when you have some limit on number of SMS you can send in a month.

The user interface and API are both web based i.e. you don’t need to put your phone on WiFi to access this gateway or remember some IP address to get connected with it. Everything is automatically handled by the app and our servers automatically.

You can also set incoming SMS api and delivery report api to make a two-way SMS system without any cost (3G or WiFi connectivity is required for this functionality).

You can login to web interface, upload data and can send SMS in minutes and all your connected mobiles will start sending SMSes in a minute.

Your mobiles are not yet connected to internet and you have queued large number of SMSes? Don’t worry! as soon as your mobile gets connected with the internet your queue will be pushed to them automatically.

There are tons of things, which you can do with Android Bulk SMS gateway and your powerful mobile. Start running your own SMS gateway in matter of seconds.

Download SMS gateway app from Google Play

Toll Free Numbers Developer API

Now manage your toll-free numbers or build your own web GUI with our extensive APIs. Lot of API calls are available to manage calls, call flow, IVR and features. Few Examples are:

Call To URL

This API is used to get the Caller Information on the CRM so that caller ID based information can be retrieved.

Type: Push
Method: GET
Push Time: Queued
URL Format:


calledby: Phone number of the caller

Response Requested: N/A

Forwarding API

This API is used to return dynamic call forwarding numbers based on the caller ID. Maximum of 3 phone numbers can be returned.

Type: Push
Method: GET
Push Time: Real
URL Format:


calledby: Phone number of the caller

Response Requested: 11-digit phone number (including 0) in comma separated values

Billing API

This API is pushed after the call has been completed.

Type: Push
Method: GET
Push Time: Queued
URL Format:


calledby: Phone number of the caller
calledto: Destination phone number on, which call was forwarded
duration: Call duration in seconds
callstatus: Answered, Rejected, Busy, Congestion, OnIVR, Cancelled etc.
callcharges: Amount in rupees you have been charged for this call
smssent: Number of SMS sent as alerts through our system

Response Requested: N/A

Selective Call Forwarding

This API is used to return dynamic call forwarding status for the callerid. You can choose whether to forward call or disconnect the call after IVR.

Type: Push
Method: GET
Push Time: Real
URL Format:
calledby: Phone number of the caller
Response Requested: True or False

Pull Based APIs

Type: Pull
Method: GET



userid : Your corporate ID
apikey : 32bit API key, You can get this by creating a support request.
cbsno : Your internal number, this number is available on your panel.
action : Following action commands are available

  • addWhiteList : Allows you to add a whitelist number

    • Extra Parameters:

      • no = The number, which you want to add

  • removeWhiteList : Allows you to remove a whitelist number

    • Extra Parameters:

      • no = The number, which you want to remove

  • addBlackList : Allows you to add a blacklist number

    • Extra Parameters:

      • no = The number, which you want to add

  • removeBlackList : Allows you to remove a blacklist number

    • Extra Parameters:

      • no = The number, which you want to remove

  • enableDND : Allows you to set DND. If enabled call forwarding after IVR will be disabled.

  • disableDND : Disables the DND if, set.

  • changeAnnouncement : This will enable a small audio prompt before the IVR.

    • Extra Parameters:

      • audioid = Audio file ID, which you want to set as announcement

  • disableAnnouncement : Disable the announcement you have previously set.

  • enableHolidayMode : All incoming calls will be rejected.

  • disableHolidayMode : Incoming calls will be accepted as usual.


  • changeIVR : Allows you to change whole IVR.

    • Extra Parameters:

      • ivrid = IVR id, which you want to enable.

  • changeDefaultRoutingNumber : Default routing number can be changed through this API call and this will only work if IVR is not set.

    • Extra Parameters:

      • no = 10 digit phone number without ISD code or 0.

  • changeMCIVR : Allows you to change whole IVR.

    • Extra Parameters:

      • audioid = Audio id, which you want to enable.

  • listAudioFile : This will display a list of audio files you have uploaded in the system. The list will be in comma separated format contains audio file id and file name.

    • Parameters returned:

      • audioid = File id, required in case of setting announcement

      • filename = Name of the file

  • listIVRS : This will display a list of IVRs you have created in the system. The list will be in comma separated format contains ivr file id and ivr name and ivr status.

    • Parameters returned:

      • ivrid = IVR id, required in case of IVR

      • ivrname = Name of the IVR

      • ivrstatus = Active or Inactive

Kindly note:

Real Time push APIs like Forwarding, Selective Forwarding are time sensitive APIs i.e. if your server did not respond within 10 seconds it will play the IVR and drop the connection of the caller. Please ensure your server responds in timely fashion always.

Queue based APIs like Billing or Call-To-URL keeps a queue of the data and sends the data one by one and are more fault tolerant but lags in response time.

For pull based APIs you are allowed 200 requests per day from a single userid and 500 requests per day from a particular IP address. Also if your IP fails to authenticate for more than 5 times in a day than it will be banned for next 24 hours.

API Key can be requested from here. API key is password independent i.e. you can change your password as many times as you want and it will not affect the API key.

Buy Toll Free Number

Buy Toll Free Number


Buying a toll free number for your business wasn’t that easy. ZNI is proud to launch our best ever plan with lot of goodies absolutely free.

Plan Name AmazingOffer14
Monthly Rental Rs 3,000 per month
Free Call Value Rs 5,000 per month
Call Rate Rs 1.7 per minute
SMS Alerts Free
Call Recording Free
Missed Calls Free
Call Conference Free (Call rates may apply)
E-mail Alerts Free
Simultaneous Calls (Channels) 30
Security Rs 5,000
Setup Rs 3,000
Term 6 Months
Total Amount Rs 26,120
Service Tax Rs 3,228.43
Payable Amount Rs 29,348

Contact Us for more details.

Toll free numbers are boon to business and ZNI made it very cheap and affordable. You can get a toll free number with tons of features (all are free to our esteemed customers).

Buy a toll free number in india

Buy a tollfree number

There are only two ways to buy a tollfree number for your business

  1. Buying directly from an operator
  2. Buying from an aggregator like ZNI.

But the major difference between the two are the level of services and Value Added Features you will get. Operators like Airtel, Reliance or BSNL will give you a vanilla service i.e. a Toll-Free number mapped to their landline or PRI installed at your end but they are very costly and very limited in the term of usage. You can not use value added services like real time call logs, IVR services, SMS alerts and bunch of other features offered by aggregators like, which are offering the services at a fraction of cost what these operators are offering.

Tollfree numbers are branding tools, they give you much needed brand recognition and recall value among your customers and target demographics.

For more details on how to get more out of your tollfree 1800 number call 09554443322 or 1800-200-5777 or to buy them instantly visit here.

Toll Free 1800 Number – Zero Rental Plan (Pay What You Use)

Pay only for what you use. There is no minimum fee to get a toll-free 1800 number for your business. You can choose between On-demand instance or a Reserved instance of service.

On-demand Instance (ODI) allows you to start offering your customers a toll-free business number with professional IVR and features. You can upgrade incoming channels as and when you may need it. ODI starts with single channel and for every incremental channel you will be charged Rs 2000 once. Yes, no recurring charges.

With On-demand instance you will be charged Rs 30 per day only if your day usage is less than Rs 30. For example say you have received 10 calls each with 2 minute duration then your total consumption for the day would be Rs 34, therefore you will not be charged daily rental for that day. On another day you received 3 calls of 1 minute each with total consumption of Rs 5.1 therefore you will be charged Rs 30 for that day as a daily rental and this amount will be deducted from your security deposit. Your account will remain active till you have a balance left in a way of security deposit – total usage.

On Demand Instance – Toll-Free 1800 Numbers

Setup Call Rate Security Total With Tax
Rs 0 Rs 1.7 / min Rs 3,000 Rs 3,506* Buy Now
Rs 7,000 Rs 0.75 / min Rs 3,000 Rs 11,686* Buy Now

* Total amount includes Security + 12.36% service tax + 4% payment processing charges

Bulk Voice Calls – For Election Season

Election season is here and what is the better way to communicate with voters than directly calling them on their mobile. However calling them one by one is an impossible task but with through Ziffy’s autodialer solution you can make 4 crore calls on daily basis i.e. whole India can be covered in just 6 days in your voice.

Rates: 1,00,000 Pulses = Rs 28,000/- + taxes

1 Pulse = 30 Second Call

Thats not it, club it with Bulk SMS for just Rs 10,000/- for one lakh SMS.

1 Lakh Calls + 1 Lakh SMS @ Rs 38,000/- + taxes

Circle wise data is available for calling. Please note these calls will not be sent on DND listed numbers and also you will not be charged for them.

For more details please visit or call 09554443322