4 Reasons that Make Bulk SMS a Better Marketing Strategy


However wonderful product or service you may come up with, if you fail to promote it effectively and your service does not reach your targeted customers then your business tends to fail miserably. Concept of bulk SMS is a successful marketing strategy because SMSes have a much higher response rate than e-mails. As per a recent survey, 90% of messages are read by the customers and hence they have much higher response rates than several other mobile marketing strategies.

You Can Communicate to Thousands Residing Far and Wide:

Communicating with thousands of people is possible simultaneously is possible with the help of bulk SMS. Bulk SMSes are sent to the server of the service provider. Initially, when multiple SMSes are sent, they stay in the server of the service provider and then they are sent to the different people. Those who remain out of the network zone get as soon as they enter the zone and those who have their mobile switched off receive the message as soon as they switch it on.

Reliable and Faster Delivery:

Bulk SMS has become one of the fastest  and the most reliable marketing strategy. With the exponential rise of mobile phone users all across the world, it has become the most sought after way to promote the products, to send information, to send invitation etc. It gets delivered quickly and have almost no bounce rate. Delivery message sent as a confirmation on sender’s mobile phone makes it high reliable.

Cost-effective Way for Promotion:

Television and Radio commercial is an ultra-expensive way to promote yourself. Print ads also cost you relatively more and do not give you the type of results you look for. Also, you can make use of bulk SMS software available in the market and can take control over the SMS marketing campaign. You can analyse the progress of your marketing campaign and the response rate.

You have Customization Option:

You have the option of creating your own recipient groups, manage the SMS marketing campaign and delivery time.

Composing lengthy texts in mail is a tedious task and conventional form of marketing cost you a  fortune. So, why not to spend less and grab the best marketing strategy that can give you a large exposure!

How Bulk SMS Helps You Manage Your Business and Clients?


All businesses without exception want to boost their sales and the best way to handle any promotional campaigns or the exposure is by bulk SMS. Given here are the 10 simple ways to boost your marketing crusades and generate revenue.

Full Fledged Advertising:

When you launch a new product or service, you need a hardcore promotion for that. Bulk SMS service is considered to be the best way to initiate a call to action. Advertising with bulk SMS is economical and gives you the kind of exposure you want.

Best Way to Promote Special Offers:

You keep on coming up with time-speculated special offers for a limited time period? Bulk SMS is just the right platform for you. You can also introduce limited offers on products you can make them reach to a large number of people with the help of affordable bulk SMS services.

Introduce Your Business to Newer Regions:

Even if you have lucrative e-commerce business but do not have the right exposure, your business will die an eventual death. You can get leads by introducing your business in the newer regions. You can spread the word in a new community with bulk messaging. It is a cost-effective way to reach the maximum number of people.

Follow Ups are Easier:

Bulk Messaging is the best way to get follow ups. Service providers enable you to customize and automate the message sending process and help you get more business from your previous customers and help you retain them.

Better Management of Clients:

Retaining customers is a difficult task that can be made easier with bulk messaging. Attrition rates for the customers actually goes down when you use bulk SMS to inform them about offers and deals.

There are other ways also by which bulk SMS services help you manage your customers and business better. You can wish them on several occasions, announce the new policies, give referrals to your website, announce holiday schemes and a lot more.

6 Businesses that Use Bulk SMS Optimally


Owing to their multiple benefits, there are many industries that are currently making use of Bulk SMS software. Whether it is about improving services, engaging customers or minting profits, bulk SMS services have given an edge to the industries but there are certain industries that are able to reap its benefits more than the others. Let us have a quick look at 6 such industries.


Hotel industry is one of those industries that can make the optimal use of bulk SMS services. Sending the latest deals, details of accommodations and program schedule at various hotels can be done easily with the help of bulk SMS service. Whether it is about sending bulk messages to the itineraries, making service queries or coming up with the festival offers, not only do the customer get intimated about the events but also get the opportunity to book the hotels and make  payment with just a click.


Banks are the largest users of bulk SMS services. See yourself! How many times you receive various messages from the bank? Their schemes, policies and offers are conveyed via bulk SMS. This is indeed the finest form of bulk messages that can be used to inform any kind of banking activity like cash withdrawal, checking of bank account balance, verification procedure and a lot more. This helps in making banking easier for the customers and provides them a better security.

Real Estate Industry:

Bulk SMS software are used in the real estate industry for informing their customers regarding their ongoing or future projects, Real estate companies use this service to inform their customers about their future/ongoing projects and their specialities. Bulk SMSes are also be used by these companies to keep in a constant touch with their customers.

E-Commerce Industry:

This is one industry which makes the optimum use of bulk SMS service. E-commerce companies need to send repeated messages to their potential customers. With the help of bulk SMS service they can make the news like launch of a new product or heavy discount on product viral.

Educational Institution:

To distribute curriculum, to declare the exam dates, to declare results, there are plenty of reason why educational institution needs a toll free number. Bulk messages can be used in a number of ways to update parents about attendance, exam dates, reminder of updates, time tables etc.

Tours and Travels:

To promote their various journey packages to the holidaymakers, tours and travel industry makes use of bulk SMS services.

Bottom line:

Bulk SMS can be highly effective if you can use them the right way. It is a sure shot way to build a bond of trust with your customers. Use them to make a difference to your business.


Top Facts About Bulk SMS that Add Value to Your Business


India happens to be one of the hottest Smart phone market and it is still growing. No wonder why an increasing number of business units have started cashing on bulk SMS and bulk emails for their promotions. Whether it is about promotional offers that can enhance sales or information about the newly launched product or service, need to deliver information on a large scale in a short time period has prompted people seek bulk SMS and e-mail solutions.

Bulk SMS is a great way to communicate instantly. That apart, it is the simplest, easiest and cost effective way to add value to your business.

Best Way to Market and Advertise: How?

Bulk messaging is an integral part of marketing and advertising. Expressive words have a great impact and sending text is just the right way to spread these messages. Keeping your customers informed is the best way to reach your potential clients. Bulk SMS are delivered instantly, have higher open rate and are very interactive.

Retain the Old Customers and Make New Ones:

If you want to build loyal customers you need to keep them intimated at regular intervals. Bulk SMS is the best way to keep them updated. Also, you can keep clients’ list updated by adding the walk-in-contacts and the new customers referred by the previous ones.

Wide Spread Reach:

No matter where your customers reside, bulk SMS can reach far and wide. Owing to their global reach, they can be sent to your clients residing in any part of the world.

Customized Messages Build Your Brand Loyalty:

Sending personalized wishes to your customers is a great way to show them that you care. You can send messages on their anniversaries, their birthdays and their important festivals. It is a great way to add a pinch of personal touch and make your customers feel special.

In short, both Bulk SMS and bulk emails are the cost effective solution for promotional campaigns. That apart, they have a global reach and can create a strong brand loyalty.


3 Innovative Ways Businesses are Using Bulk SMS Messaging


Whether it is about boosting sales or fostering customer relationships, bulk SMS is a great communication tool. Using service in just the right way can let you earn the optimal benefits. Let us have a quick look at the 3 innovative ways businesses can use bulk SMS.

Opening Two-way Communication (SMS Polling):

If you want your customers to participate actively, you need to encourage them to give their feedback. This way you would be able to open a 2-way communication. These days, short codes are used which are the quickest, most efficient, direct and cost-effective way to communicate with your customers.

SMS polling is in trend. Business owners, restaurants, non-profits make use of SMS polling to connect with your audience, to get their feedback and to adapt themselves to the requirements of the customers.

For instance, a newly opened food joint can make use of SMS polling to test the market for their new dish and can take the feedback from them as to what all should be added on their menu. Not only this, you can encourage them to participate by offering them discount etc. SMS polling helps evaluate skills of the employees, determine the job satisfaction level and to keep track of their weakness. Since the SMS polling is anonymous, there is no fear of their identity being disclosed publicly.

Integrating Bulk SMS to Email Marketing:

There are companies that integrate SMS marketing into their email campaigning. This is done to boost the open rates of emails because SMS open rates is 98% including urls promotes the traffic to your website and encourages subscriptions as well. Not only this, companies can also track customer activities back to the SMS. These all campaigns are driven by the keywords and short codes.

Boosting Education Facilities:

All around the world are using bulk messaging to reach parents, teachers and learners simultaneously. When you are hard pressed of time, you can do away with the tedious task of making calls and replace it with quick and effective SMS effectively. Bulk SMS is a quick, cost-effective and reliable communication method.

10 Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing That Gives it An Edge!


Read this if you have not considered integrating SMS into your marketing strategy. Apart from having an apparent benefit of cost effectiveness, there are 10 major benefits of Bulk SMS that you often overlook. Let us start with the most vital one first.

Get Delivered Instantly:

SMS is the fastest mode of communication. SMS marketing is like putting messages directly into the pockets of the customers. Just come to think of this that the average time for all the SMS services and mobile carriers is less than seven seconds.

You Can Customize them As Per the Needs of Your Customers:

Whether they are to be sent to a targeted group or to thousands of SMS messages to different people, SMS marketing makes it easy for you to customize your text messages as per the requirements of your customers. Bulk SMS services can be easily integrated into online marketing strategies.

Opting in and Opting Out is Easy:

Thanks to the short codes, opting in and opting out of SMS stream is easy and instant. You hardly need to furnish any personal information unlike other opting in and opting out options. This feature keeps the subscription rate of bulk SMS high.

People Open SMS More Often than E-mails:

SMS have a much higher open rates than the e-mails. Subscribers tend to open SMS more than the emails. In certain cases, text messages get automatically opened but such is not the case with emails. Subscribers may or may not open all the mails.

More Reliability:

Since SMS do not have to fight through against spam or the filters like SMS and therefore SMS is more like a direct connection to the customer base than any other form of marketing strategies.

Can Tap a Large Potential Market:

Mobile phone subscribers are rising by each passing day and text messaging is the preferred way for communication rather than writing mails. So, using the bulk SMS service you can tap a limitlessly large market.

Go Green:

Although all the online marketing strategies are green, but it is good to repeat that unlike conventional form of marketing, user-friendly people prefer to use this bulk SMS services for successful campaigning.


Toll Free Number on Monthly Basis



Now get a toll free number for your business on monthly basis. No heavy or 12 months investment.

Now pay monthly without binding yourself in to a long term contract. Use it for a month or three months or for years all depends upon you.

Ziffy is proud to launch monthly toll-free plans in association with our service providers (Vodafone, BSNL and Reliance). Now you don’t have to pay up-front for a whole year to get a toll free number for your business.

Transactional SMS For Order Confirmation

Every e-commerce business depends upon the trust of their users. They need to build trust with them in every possible area and step. One simple thing is informing the customer that they have received the order and it will be shipped soon along with the order confirmation code.

This can be done with znisms transactional SMS service for sending order confirmations.

As it can be seen your customer will get the SMS along with an order confirmation number on his registered mobile through the API, which can be integrated on your website. We guarantee timely delivery and instant delivery report so that you can be sure that your customer get the information, which you have just sent.

For more details please feel free to contact us.


What is Transactional SMS

In India the top government body (TRAI), which handles telecommunication has specifically defined the transactional SMS.

 Transactional SMS means a message containing only:

  1. Information sent to its customer(s) by the Bank or financial institution or insurance company or credit card company or Access Provider pertaining to the account of that customer(s).
  2. Information given by Airlines or Indian Railways or its authorized agencies to its passengers regarding travel schedules, ticket booking and reservation.
  3. Information from a registered educational institution to parents or guardians of its students.
  4. Any other message as may be specified by the Authority, from time to time as “Transactional message”.

Later TRAI allowed few more services under the transactional SMS category like:-

  1. Messages sent by companies to their employees.
  2. Messages sent by the companies to their customers informing about their account status, shipping status, etc. However, these messages should not contain any promotional content.
  3. Messages sent from a machine (after some algorithmic calculations) like a user received a message, the machine stopped working i.e. Machine-to-Person.
  4. Customers explicitly asked for the information.
  5. Customer registration information, registration or validation codes, etc. sent by websites.

Unlike promotional SMS you can send transactional SMS 24×7 and 365 days a year. There are no limitations on how many SMS you can send or at what time you can send. Also, transactional SMS can be sent on NCCPR (National Commercial Communication Preference Registry) registered numbers.

So, if you are looking to send such kind of information to your users via SMS then you can use our transactional SMS service. For more details please feel free to contact us from here.